HB2 Letters to NC House To Adjourn Without Action On HB2.


To: Dear Representatives McGrady, Whitmire, Rep Elect Hensen, and Senator Edwards

From Linda Rebuck, Hendersonville

I am unable to call your offices as I work full time and do not have the opportunity to make phone calls.

I urge you NOT to vote to repeal HB2. I listened yesterday to Pete Kaliner’s radio show on WWNC.  HE took a poll of listeners and they voted overwhelmingly to urge the state legislature NOT to repeal HB2. Roy Cooper is already using this and putting out that he fixed it by forcing you to repeal HB2.  As you know, he was the one who urged Charlotte City council to pass the stupid ordinance in the first place and then recruited sports teams NOT to come to North Carolina.   Once you have repealed HB2, I expect Asheville City Council to turn around and pass a similar ordinance and the circus in Raleigh will continue. You guys need to stand firm on this issue otherwise you will loose in the end.  Please do not give in to this; giving in will only make them worse.  They have no end game other than to get rid of you.

The adage that Gov. Pat lost because of HB2 is simply not true.  If so, how come we still have a veto-proof legislature or why did Dan Forest win by the amount he did when he was practically the spokesman for HB2? It simply does not add up.

Please keep our children safe; we are all depending on you.  You represent the people in NC so please don’t let us down.


To:  Chuck.McGrady@ncleg.net,

From:  Jane Bilello, Asheville Tea Party

Dear Representatives McGrady, Whitmire, Rep Elect Hensen, and Senator Edwards,

This is a follow up to my phone call this morning. Please DO NOT repeal HB2.  Progressives cannot, under any circumstances, be trusted. What’s to stop other municipalities – like Asheville – from passing Charlotte like ordinances.   A repeal of HB2 would be a monumental betrayal of trust your constituents have placed in you to #KeepNCSafe. Repealing HB2 would be a death nell for GOP majorities in both Houses. It’s bad enough we have Roy Cooper.  But with GOP majorities, you can keep him in check.
Please do the right thing.  Asheville Tea Party represents 1400 who are very upset over this issue.  It should not have even been brought up.  Why is the GOP caving to the progressives?  This is how we are losing our nation and our state.
Looking forward to good news by the end of the day that you have stood strong to protect North Carolinians.
Thank you.