HB2 Repeal Fall Out

HB2 Repeal Fall Out

NCAA Ends Its Boycott of North Carolina (after successfully extorting the legislature.)

For the sake of social justice, judges decree that ‘sex’ now means sexual orientation:  National Review:  the Federal Court Rewrites The Civil Rights Act

Wall Street Journal:  How Target Botched Its Response To NC’s The Bathroom Law

Should the NCAA Have Its Tax Exempt Status Revoked For Meddling in North Carolina Politics?    NCAA blasted by North Carolina officials for hypocrisy, gay groups for giving up

“State Republican legislators have introduced a bill calling for the IRS to investigate the NCAA and Atlantic Coast Conference for suspected violations of their tax-exempt status stemming from their advocacy against House Bill 2 in North Carolina.

“People are just fed up with this giant monopoly that makes a ton of money stepping way out of bounds and playing politics,” said state Rep. Mark Brody, a Republican”  and a NO VOTE ON REPEAL.  Thank you Representative Brody.  DO NOT ALLOW YOUR SENATOR OR REP WHO VOTED YES TO REPEAL HB2 TO HIDE BEHIND THIS LEGISLATION.  They are already trying to.