HB2 Resolution Strategy for School Board

See here for Resolution for Support of HB2 for your school board. https://ashevilleteaparty.org/?page_id=13461

See below for Strategy Suggestions.

Dear Leaders and Citizens,

Here you will find a Resolution to Support HB2 for your local school board. Please feel free to make it your own by inserting the name of your school board in the appropriate spaces.  Goal:  Get your school board on public record for support or non-support of HB2.  Continue the pressure. 

Strategy Suggestions:

1-     Privately contact school board members you think might be favorable to a Resolution supporting HB2. Ask them to present it to their Board for a vote.  Get like minded folks to attend your school board meeting and use their allotted time to speak for HB2, therefore paving the way for your school board members to present the Resolution under New Business. 



2-     If you cannot find a school board member or two (which will probably be more of the case than not) present it during public comment period, hand each board member a copy, and request that it be voted upon. 

Also, in either case, but especially in the case of (2), you might also want to start a petition drive to get folks to sign a petition in support of HB2. 

Thank you.  Please continue the fight.  Jane