Illegals: Senate Passes Legislation Requiring Sheriffs to Work With ICE

Senate Passes Legislation Requiring Sheriffs to Work Together with Federal Immigration Authorities

Arrestees with an ICE detainer request must appear before a magistrate judge


Bill only applies to illegal immigrants already in custody for committing a crime

Tonight the Senate passed a bill that ensures the safety of our communities and the citizens that live in them take priority over the “rights” of people in this country illegally who commit crimes.

I still can’t believe that we even need a law to spell this out, but recently a small group of North Carolina sheriffs decided to not honor federal immigration detainers when they have an illegal immigrant in custody for committing a crime, instead releasing these criminals back into the community where they are free to threaten the safety of the law-abiding citizens that live there.

Just last month in Charlotte, an illegal immigrant was released on a domestic violence charge despite having an ICE detainer placed on him. Thanks to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's refusal to honor the ICE detainer, that same man later held an extended standoff with police after assaulting the same woman once again.

Our country and state are based upon the rule of law, and sheriffs are elected to uphold those laws, not pick and choose which ones they would like to enforce. That is why the General Assembly needed to step in and require these sheriffs to honor ICE detainers to ensure the safety of the citizens they have sworn to protect is their number one priority and I am pleased that the NC Sheriffs Association supported this