Jake MacAulay Institute on the Constitution CEO Nov 17th, 2015


Institute on the Constitution G WashingtonInstitute on the Constitution CEO, Jake MacAulay will join Asheville Tea Party’s Tea Time Meeting on Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 at 6PM at IHOP, 229 Aieport Road, Arden.  Jake has come to our group  before with Michael Peroutka, Founder of Institution on the Constitution (IOTC).  An eye opening and enlightening experience.  From that, we were able to acquire IOTC materials that we have shared with other groups and with you.

 Jake  will present a critical review of the recent Supreme Court case regarding “same sex marriage” and its implications for each of us and all of us.  Jakeis an incredible motivational speaker with the FACTS grounded in Constitutional authority and natural law – Biblical teachings. 

-What did the Court actually say? 
-What did they do? 
-Can the Supreme Court make Law?
-Have the Laws of marriage changed?
-What does it mean for the citizens of North Carolina?

Bio:  Jake MacAulay serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute on the Constitution (IOTC), an educational outreach that presents the founders’ “American View” of law and government.  IOTC has produced thousands of graduates in all 50 states with a full understanding of the Biblical principles on which America’s founding documents are based.

The former co-host of the syndicated talk show, The Sons of Liberty, he is an ordained minister and has spoken to audiences nation-wide, and has established the American Club, a constitutional study group in public and private schools.

Jake has been seen on Yahoo News, Fox News, The Blaze, AP, CBS, NBC, The Weekly Standard, and more…


Email: Jake@TheAmericanView.com

Twitter: @constitutionjm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jake.m.macaulay

Jake MacCaulay Presentation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DoD5q7wtVs



And Joel Skousen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5YC0t75yLE

Joel Skousen, editor of World Affairs Brief, was the chairman of the Conservative National Committee in the 1980’s. In this exclusive video interview for Prison Planet.tv members, Skousen talks about the hidden power structure that controls politicians of both parties from behind the scenes, the nature of the manipulated press, the reality behind the tea party, and the ongoing conspiracy to create a one world dictatorship.

Skousen explains that there is “systematic evil” in the world which uses certain techniques to proliferate, including the dialectic of crisis creation in order to induce good people into accepting or doing things that they wouldn’t ordinarily do by way of deception, which is why evil uses crisis creation to change the world.

Skousen discusses how his famous uncle, Cleon Skousen, discovered how the fall of China to Chairman Mao was aided by the US State Department by withdrawing support for Chiang Kai-shek, which led to a realization that there were globalists within the US government who had no allegiance to America, particularly Alger Hiss, the writer of the UN Charter, who had joined the Communist Party to facilitate Communist infiltration into the State Department – using communism to facilitate the goals of globalism.