James Davis Delegate Bio

James F. Davis-Cruz for President Chairman, District #11 and applicant to be a GOP National Convention delegate.Author of ‘A Dozen Reasons Why Ted Cruz is the Most Qualified and Electable Presidential Candidate.’


-Former Clay County GOP Chairman & member NC State Rules Committee, Taxpayers Assoc. President, 20 year elected Representative, grassroots Constitutional conservative, candidate’s treasurer, fund raiser.

-International Division head of a NYC clearing bank, syndicated columnist writing on the effects of government policies on job creation, guest speaker on domestic and international financial and political situation to GOP and Tea Party groups.

-Grew up on family farm, economics degree, Cornell University, MBA, International Business, American University, Captain, US Army, Field Artillery, Company Commander, and Computer Systems Analyst.

 -International banker most of adult life, starting with Chase. Positions held at various times include long and short term economic forecasting, planning, country risk analyst, expansion and diversification officer, division head of multinational lending, Latin America, Europe, and International Division. Profiled in Who’s Who in International Banking. Director Accuracy in Media.

-Being responsible for bank business and traveling to over 50 countries required analysis of the economic, social and political conditions in each country. I learned firsthand which government policies helped bring about economic prosperity and which ones caused poverty. Ted Cruz is the only candidate who understands this and has the knowledge to turn around the economy and create full time jobs.