Voter Integrity Project Draft Legislation

Overview of VIP-NC Legislative Agenda

REAL voter ID, controlled by DMV and not by the Boards of Election

Same-day (or “one-stop”) registration to too fraud-friendly and should be terminated

Require Provisional Ballots to be retrievable

Reform college student practices to include emancipating any who register to vote at college (taking them off their parents’ state taxes)

Require voters to register from physical address (not PO boxes or vacant lots)

Explicitly require sworn affirmation of citizenship in order for registration to be counted.

Require proactive voter roll list maintenance by inter-state, intra-state and intra-county data sharing.

Prohibit payments for anybody registering others (or themselves) to vote.

Increase the transparency of the public voting record

Give election observers more specified rights

Terminate Early Voting

Tighten loopholes to prevent the abuse of court-ordered “Mentally Incompetent” voters.

Tighten loopholes to prevent abuse by voter “assistants” not on BOE payroll.

Aggressive review of touch screen voting machines

Allow civil enforcement and private right of action on certain sections of NC election laws.

Increase penalties for election fraud

Protect the voting rights of military voters

The following UNCC residency requirements should be part of any new voter legislation. Click here to read: “Residency Requirements of UNC Charlotte”.