Mail-In Vote Fraud in NC Unless You Stop It By April 20, 2020

Please contact the NC State Board of Elections to stop the Left's scheme to hijack our elections with mail-in-voting. Imperative we have our voices heard! Click on the link

The Left is calling for Mail-In voting – a very bad idea.  President Trump stands with us to defeat the mail-in-vote scheme of the Left to hijack our elections during this pandemic and national crisis. True to form, the blue failed progressive states aren’t going to let a crisis go to waste.  Nancy Pelosi is also pushing to include mail-in voting in the stimulus bill.  There is no doubt, the Left is trying to use the Covid 19 pandemic as an excuse to enact emergency measures to decree mail-in-votes.  North Carolina is poised to give the State Board of Elections Executive Director emergency powers to change an election.  It is a ‘power grab’ by the Governor that allows him to exceed his powers under the current state statute. 

The SBOE wants to include language that would allow the Governor to declare an emergency over the COVID-19 panic.


What happens if we do nothing?

The SBOE will be able to implement all-mail voting without even changing the law.





The Rules Review Commission (that adopts administrative rules to implement the statutes) has adopted a temporary new rule regarding elections.  It deals with a rule giving the Executive Director of the State Board of Elections emergency powers when the normal “schedule for an election has been disrupted”.  The change clarifies the definition for a natural disaster to include: “Catastrophe arising from natural causes resulting in a disaster declaration by the President of the United States or the Governor, a national emergency declaration by the President of the United States, or a state of emergency declaration issued under G.S. 166A19.3(19).


 "Catastrophe arising from natural causes" includes a disease epidemic or other public health incident that makes it impossible or extremely hazardous for elections officials or voters to reach or otherwise access the voting place or that creates a significant risk of physical harm to persons in the voting place, or that would otherwise convince a reasonable person to avoid traveling to or being in a voting place.”


With this change, the Democrats may be setting us up to do some sort of vote from home scenario.  The rule is temporary and expires in 60 days unless the Rules Review Commission has a hearing and adopts it.   That hearing is scheduled for Monday, April 20th, 2020 so we need your help ASAP


However, this power grab by the Cooper Administration can be derailed long enough for the Legislature to have the “chance” to address it through changes to the statute.



We have until Monday, April 20th to object to the proposed “power grab” by the Governor and the NC State Board of Elections.  To assure that your objection(s) get to SBOE, please do these (2) things: (Please read both before proceeding.)


Remember, the Left is inundating the site with sob stories of how many will be disenfranchised and how we’re all going to die.  They need to hear rational reasons from you.



  • Copy your email from the portal and paste it into an email to Attention:  Rule Making Coordinator with one of the objections below or write one of your own using this info.  (Why the email?  We need an electronic footprint to prove these objections were sent.  We don’t trust the BOE. They could make an excuse and say these objections were never sent.  Computer down etc.) 





The Governor should not exceed the bounds of our current absentee-voting laws as spelled out in NCGS §163 Article 20 to avoid executive overreach. 


The proposed temporary rule that would amend SBOE Director’s emergency powers effectively eliminates our duly elected NC Representatives and Senators from the process.  We cannot tolerate another unelected bureaucrat wresting more power from the people.  


Mass mail-in ballots to more the 994,000 missing or ‘Inactive” voters still listed on the NC’s poorly managed voter rolls sets us up a massive voter fraud.   


Validation of voter identity is essential.  Voter ID in the form of a DMV license number or social security number and a sworn statement of current residence should be included in any absentee mail-in ballot. A sworn statement from any voter who says they do no have those numbers is essential.   Current federal law makes those numbers optional on the voter registration application but does not address absentee ballot request forms.  They should be.  


Remember, only We the People can derail the nefarious plans the Left has to destroy our nation.  Look no further than CA and VA, our latest fallen state. 


Please take the time to respond to the Public Comment Portal.  Then copy/paste your objection to


Let’s not allow NC to go the way of other failed states. 


If any of you would like to participate in the April 20th meeting, here is the info:


A public hearing will be held as follows:

Date: April 20, 2020 Time: 1:00 PM Location: Third Floor, Dobbs Building, 430 N. Salisbury Street, Raleigh, NC 27603.

The meeting may change to a telephonic meeting; if that determination is made, an updated notice will be sent out.