Meeting with Sen Chuck Edwards and Rep Jake Johnson

On Saturday, March 13th, 2021, a group of us are having a meeting with NC Senator Chuck Edwards (District 48), and Representative Jake Johnson (House 113) regarding election integrity and cleaning up our election laws that are permitting voter fraud.  Below is the letter, and informational links and a list of suggestions.  Please feel free to use this information to contact your representatives.  Thanks. 

Senator Chuck Edwards

District 48

(919) 733-5745

300 N. Salisbury Street, Rm. 628

Raleigh, NC 27603


Representative Jake Johnson

NC - 113


300 N. Salisbury Street, Rm. 306B1

Raleigh, NC 27603-5925


March 11, 2021

Dear Senator Edwards and Representative Johnson: 

Election fraud is real, and lawmakers have a duty to uphold and defend the voting principle of “one citizen, one vote.” See voter fraud cases nationwide here and North Carolina cases here

Moreover, H.R. 1 legislation rigs the election system in favor of Democratic politicians by undermining America’s electoral process.

Under H.R. 1, massive amounts of elections-related power would be transferred from the states to the federal government. The bill interferes with the ability of states and their citizens to determine qualifications for voters, to ensure the accuracy of voter registration rolls, to secure the integrity of elections, to participate in the political process, and to determine the district boundary lines for electing their representatives.

This massive centralization of power into the hands of incumbent lawmakers is D.C. politicians' way of trying to make sure the game is rigged in their favor. But politicians already in Washington should not be choosing who goes to Washington—voters should!

The end goal of H.R. 1 is clear—to enshrine into law dubious electoral practices that enable and encourage fraudulent behavior, such as ballot harvesting, false voter registrations, duplicate voting, and ineligible voting.

H.R. 1 contains many provisions that are unhelpful, unnecessary, and unconstitutional.

As of this writing, the North Carolina legislature has made no attempt to restore public trust in our election process. See Voter Integrity Project’s 2021 Resolution on Restoring Public Trust in the Electoral Process

The North Carolina legislature has also made no attempt to fix our election laws

 Reminder:  NC General Assembly has the sole authority to make election law – neither the governor nor the courts have that constitutional authority.  The NC legislature also needs to take back their power from the NC State Board of Elections, unelected bureaucrats who have way over stepped their bounds in dictating election procedure. 

The NC Attorney General admits that most voter fraud is by absentee ballot, but he has done nothing to fix it The Governor is sure to veto any attempt to fix voter fraud. 


  1. Why not a constitutional amendment put forth to the people to bypass the governor and the AG’s inaction? A constitutional amendment will put any question directly to the people and bypass any devious hearts residing in the top executive position.”

Why not – at a minimum - audit the 2020 vote – that only the legislature can authorize.

1) Conduct a bipartisan, hand-eye recount of every contest on the ballot in the seven largest counties from the 2020 general election; and any discrepancies between the machine results and the physical ballot results will trigger the hiring of two independent forensic audit teams to analyze the election equipment.

2) Conduct a bipartisan signature analysis of all absentee ballot envelopes compared with voter registration signatures in the seven counties casting the most absentee by-mail votes and in all nursing homes that refused the help of a Multi-partisan Assistance Team during the 2020 general election.

3) Obtain a full accounting of all state, federal, and private funds received and spent by the NCSBE during 2020 and of all electoral fraud complaints that have been referred for prosecution since 2014.

The above three suggestions in the 2021 Resolution on Restoring Public Trust in the Electoral Process

WE THE PEOPLE voted for and expect our elected officials to uphold our State and U.S. Constitution and - by all means necessary- to educate the public on what is wrong, to draft solutions, and to expose those who are getting in the way.  #NoMoreExcuses. We do not want bills dying in a committee. We do not want the Federal government nationalizing our elections and deciding who gets elected.   

NC Republicans in the Legislature need to take a close look at what other states are doing to stop the out-of-control Federal government trampling upon our inalienable rights.   North Dakota and Texas are following Oklahoma’s lead.  States have a Constitutional right to take back their power and to resist this tyrannical government by using the gift our Founders gave us – nullification.  The resistance is slowly organizing.  North Carolina needs to follow suit.

WE THE PEOPLE will support you in your efforts 1) to restore public trust in our election process 2) to resist the tyrannical Federal government to Federalize election law in HR 1 and 3) to restore the rightful power of the states to nullify unconstitutional Federal law as other states are currently doing.   


North Carolina Nothingness

Thanks to the website managers at the North Carolina General Assembly, a quick search of their webpage indicates no substantive election laws have been introduced to date.

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Thank you for your service and your time.  Please let us know how we can help you. 

Asheville Tea Party, Inc.

Chair: Jane C. Bilello