Muslim Immigration

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

Muslim immigrants are not assimilating in the USA.  To a lesser extent more recent immigrant groups are not assimilating.  Much of this has to do with the “numbers” of immigrants.  When we have mass immigration, different ethnic groups can find complete areas or enclaves where their ethnicity and culture are predominant and language is being spoken predominantly and there is little need to learn English and assimilate.

In periods in which the USA has had lower levels of immigration (e.g. 1925-1965), there were fewer ethnic enclaves for new immigrants to move to once in the USA, hence they had to learn English and assimilate.

Below is a video about Muslims in Dearborn, MI.  This is probably the best example and the most egregious one of a lack of assimilation by immigrants.  However, one can go to parts of FL, CA, IL, etc and find similar results of ethnic enclaves.  With Muslims, there is the added matter of religion.  Islam is not consistent with a Constitutional Republic such as the USA.  Sharia law is an abomination.

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