MyPillow’s Mike Lindell Drops Huge Bomb On Bannon, Smoking Gun Evidence, More ‘Absolute Proof’

MyPillow’s Mike Lindell Drops Huge Bomb On Bannon, Smoking Gun Evidence, More ‘Absolute Proof’ 

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Mike Lindell, the founder, and CEO of My Pillow is a one-man voter integrity sleuth. He is determined to find the truth about the 2020 Presidential election between President Donald J. Trump and Democrat Joe Biden.

As promised, Lindell presented new evidence on Wednesday in a 30 min film focused on presenting evidence that accompanies his longer two-hour movie called “Absolute Proof” on Steve Bannon’s WarRoom Pandemic podcast.


Lindell, guided by Bannon, will present what Lindell alleges is the largest cyber attack in America’s history.

Bannon had met with Lindell just days ago, to push for more evidence from Lindell’s allegations, and Lindell rose to the occasion very well, agreed to organize further evidence.  And now has made good on his word, releasing the new video Wednesday.

“I am going to present a new evidence video every few days, we will do what it takes and break down the charges by country, by attacks, by computer.  I want to let the people know what is going on, what the lawsuits are that are out there with the lawsuits. I was attacked for over twenty days before my first video, and then after I put the video out, no one called.  I want Dominion to sue me.  If we don’t get this solved, we have no country left,” Lindell said.


Lindell’s announcement comes as Dominion has filed a lawsuit against Lindell, according to The Daily Beast who reported:

“Dominion sent letters to Lindell in December and January demanding that he retract false claims about their machines. Instead, the MyPillow CEO doubled down.


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MAGA diehard and pillow magnate Mike Lindell is the next target of a Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit over his wild claims about nonexistent election-fraud conspiracy, with the lead attorney representing Dominion telling The Daily Beast he expects to file the suit “imminently.”

Lindell, a staunch Donald Trump ally and founder of the MyPillow company, became a prominent voice and financial backer in attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election and, alongside Trumpist attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, made a series of false allegations that China and others somehow hacked voting machines and swung the 2020 election to Joe Biden,” Daily Beast reported.


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“It would be a lot easier on me to get this information out if they would sue me, so I welcome it.  I want to talk to them, but all they want to do is threaten lawsuits.  Why aren’t they worried about correcting these claims if I am wrong?” Lindell asked.

That is how a lot of people are viewing his claims.  Lindell, while he is the target of numerous powerful attempts to deplatform him and his business, and even living with rolling blackout and a lack of electric power, has overcome obstacles to get his point of view out with the help of people like Bannon, OAN News, Real America’s Voice and David Harris Jr., have gotten the word out to watch the movie.

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Lindell told Bannon that the two-hour movie has been seen by 100 million people worldwide.

The shorter 30 Min. Video has been released and is being hosted on the following two websites as of Wednesday morning.

Lindell was experiencing rolling blackouts and told Bannon to bookmark these two sites and check back if the movie gets taken down for any reason.