NC 11 Convention Cruz Slate and Info

Wednesday, April 27th, GOP NC 11 District Convention 

The GOP District 11 Convention will be held Wednesday, April 27th at T C Roberson High School, Asheville, NC.  5PM Registration. 6PM convention. Your vote is critical.  

The Buncombe County Republican Women will have hot dogs, chips and a drink for $4.00 available.  Please support them.  

Despite a change in location & date, we hope that all who signed up to be delegates will be joining us at District 11 Convention this Wednesday, 4/27. 

ALERT - From James F. Davis, delegate candidate and District #11'Cruz for President Chairman

"It is also important that we all understand the rules that apply to the election of National Convention delegates at the District convention.

1-It has been brought to our attention that some people have been told that if Donald Trump was the top primary vote getter in your county, you are bound to vote only for a Trump supporter delegate at the DISTRICT #11 CONVENTION on April 27th. Otherwise you can be fined $10,000. THIS IS FALSE. No such law exists.  ...  Therefore you should vote for the delegates at the DISTRICT convention that supports your choice for presidential candidate  at the National Convention on the second and subsequent ballots if no candidate gets the required majority on the first ballot."

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What to expect at The NC11GOP Convention
May 6-8, 2016
Koury Convention Center
3121 West Gate City Boulevard
Greensboro, NC
  • Candidates (& their bios) running for RNC National Convention (3 Delegates and 3 Alternate Delegates)  
(Bios for Cruz Delegate candidates are linked below.  As others come in, we will link to them.)

Rational the National Cruz for President Campaign used to choose the following slate:

1- Mark Meadows is our Washington congressman. He knows and will be able to strategize with many of his colleagues in a contested Convention.

2- Clay McCreary is a former Treasurer for the Caldwell County GOP and a former campaign staffer for Mark Meadows.  

3-Lynda Bennett went to the last National Convention and will be invaluable in anticipating what we need to do next.

4-Jane Bilello has many Tea Party contacts that will be at the Convention and she will be able to coordinate with them.

5-Glen Englram is a sitting GOP chairman and will be able to coordinate with many of the NC GOP leadership going to Cleveland.

6- James Davis is a member of the NC State Cruz leadership team and will be able to coordinate with the Cruz leadership.

The six candidates above have been strong, longtime Cruz supporters.

If you support Ted Cruz, please vote for the slate presented on this card so that your vote for a Cruz delegate will not be DILUTED and spread over the more than dozen other Cruz applicants. Otherwise, we could lose to the non-Cruz candidates.

 This is why Ted Cruz is our most qualified and electable candidate.