NC bill to give Illegals drivers licenses. Why would a Republican sponsor or vote for such a bill?

6/13/2015  HB328 Referred To Committee on Finance

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6/1/2015: Action Alert!  We must have lots of people respond.  Also send this to your friends and associates......  DO THIS NOW! 

North Carolina state legislation HB 328 is up for a vote in the Finance committee this coming Tuesday morning, and will give legal driving permits to illegal immigrants and make it easier for illegals to Vote. 

Action to take for sending Emails:

First "copy and paste" the comments just below to the body of your email.  Then type in the subject line: Finance Committee - Reasons to vote NO on HB 328.  Now place your name in the "To" field and copy the further below email addresses and paste in your "Bcc" field:

Dear Finance Committee Members:

Please vote NO on HB 328, a bill that gives North Carolina legal driving permits to illegal alien immigrants.  Rather than license illegal aliens, we need to substantially increase penalties for driving without a license and enforce the law.

NC Civitas recently did a statewide poll and one of the questions asked if illegal immigrants should have legal driving privileges in North Carolinia.  93% of North Carolinians said NO.

HB 328 will encourage more illegal immigrants to come to North Carolina to be able to legally drive.  Most illegals are not hardened criminals so they will gladly come forward to initially acquire a driver's permit, and will simply flee our state if they get in trouble.  HB 328 will also encourage fraudulent applications from across the nation.  Illegals also use multiple aliases and many with bad driving records will come to North Carolina for a legal driving permit.

Only 11 states and D.C. allow driving privileges for illegals.  We are surrounded by states that do NOT allow driving privileges to illegals. Illegals are already costing our State $1.7 billion net each year, so why encourage more to come to NC with a legal driving privilege.

It is obvious that businesses that hire cheap illegal labor have pushed for this legislation so their unlawful employees can easily drive to work.  The NC House needs to protect new jobs for citizens and legal residents, not help illegal immigrants more conveniently get to jobs that belong to citizens.

Committee members email addresses:


Talking Points for Phone Calls


Please vote NO on HB 328, a bill that gives North Carolina legal driving permits to illegal alien immigrants.  To stop illegal immigrants from driving in our should increase the punishment and penalties.  House bill 328 will only encourage more illegal immigrants to come to our State.  Illegal immigraton is already costing our State 1.7 billion dollars each year.  We need to help citizens get jobs, not help illegal aliens legally drive to jobs that belong to citizens.

Committee members contact info if you wish to call them:

Rep. Bill Brawley                     919-733-5800              
Rep. Jason Saine                      919-733-5782             
Rep. Kelly Hastings                  919-715-2002             
Rep. Susan Martin                    919-715-3023            
Rep. Mitchell Setzer                 919-733-4948             
Rep. John Szoka                      919-733-9892             
Rep. Kelly Alexander               919-733-5778             
Rep. John Blust                        919-733-5781                        
Rep. Nelson Dollar                   919-715-0795             
Rep. Mike Hager                      919-733-5749             
Rep. Linda P. Johnson              919-733-5861                        
Rep. Rodney Moore                 919-733-5606             
Rep. Stephen Ross                   919-733-5820             
Rep. Jay Adams                       919-733-5988             
Rep. John R Bell                       919-715-3017             
Rep. Dan Bishop                      919-715-3009             
Rep. John Bradford                  919-733-5828             
Rep. Becky Carney                  919-733-5827             
Rep. Tricia Cotham                  919-715-0706             
Rep. Carla Cunningham            919-733-5807             
Rep. Ted Davis                        919-733-5786            
Rep. Ken Goodman                 919-733-5823            
Rep. Larry Hall                         919-733-5872             
Rep. Susi Hamilton                   919-733-5754             
Rep. Edward Hanes                 919-733-5829             
Rep. Yvonne Holley                 919-733-5758             
Rep. Julia Howard                    919-733-5904             
Rep. Charles Jeter                    919-733-5654           
Rep. Bert Jones                        919-733-5779                         
Rep. David Lewis                     919-715-3015             
Rep. Craig Meyer                     919-715-3019             
Rep. Robert Reives                  919-733-0057             
Rep. George Robinson             919-733-5931          
Rep. Jacqueline Schaffer           919-733-5886             
Rep. Paul Stam                         919-733-2962           
Rep. Bob Steinburg                  919-733-0010             
Rep. Ken Waddell                    919-733-5821            
Rep. Lee Zachary                     919-715-8361

And please send this email to your friends and associates.


Ron Woodard




To the Republican Members of the North Carolina House Finance Committee:

Raleigh, North Carolina.

 Subject: NCHB 328

 I am gravely concerned that too few members of the North Carolina Legislature have done their homework on HB 328. While it purports to be legislation to improve public safety, it is in fact a Welcome Sign and Magnet for high levels of additional illegal immigration. While the benefits of its law enforcement measures are at best moderate and iffy, they would almost certainly be overwhelmed by larger and broader negative consequences. The most destructive of these, which is highly probable and easily predictable, is a substantial increase in illegal immigration. This should not be a surprise to anyone.

 The authors of the bill have tried to make a distinction between a driver's license and a driver's permit. Whatever the distinction, giving licenses or permits to illegal immigrants will have the same effect--a welcome to illegal immigrants that will bring substantially more of them to displace North Carolina workers and devastate their earnings, while receiving a hefty share of public benefits and services at taxpayer expense. 

 What might be a surprise to some is the immensity of the fiscal, economic, and social damage done by illegal immigration. 

 Two relatively recent reports by the Heritage Foundation found that the average unlawful immigrant household receives about $14,000 dollars more in benefits and services than total taxes paid. The Heritage Foundation calculated that legalizing the unlawful immigrants nearly doubled the net cost to taxpayers, because they would receive more benefits and services, while contributing little in additional taxes. This is because illegal immigrants typically have low education and skill levels and would remain in very low tax-brackets. Other statistics in these reports indicated that the U.S. was already becoming a welfare state with the taxes on the best educated 25 percent of the population supporting the tax-benefit deficits of most of the rest. As economist Milton Friedman once stated, welfare states and high immigration are not compatible. The Heritage Foundation figures bring the total annual deficit from illegal immigration to about $55 billion per year, mostly suffered by state and local governments. Others (FAIR, the Center for Immigration Studies, etc.) estimate the national deficit due to illegal immigration to be over $100 billion per year, with North Carolina running slightly over $2.0 billion per year.  

 Who pays for all this?  The taxpayers, of course, at least the part we do not borrow from China and Japan, which may have even greater negative long-term consequences. 

 Who benefits from this? The employers of low-paid illegal immigrant labor. They are essentially paid an indirect taxpayer subsidy to hire low-paid illegal immigrant labor. 

 But the injustice to taxpayers is small compared to the economic damage done to U.S.. wage earners. Harvard labor economist George Borjas has found that excessive cheap foreign labor--both illegal and legal--has depressed the average American worker's pay by over $2,700 per year. This is my figure. Borjas has calculated the cost to American labor to be $402 billion. I simply divided this by 140 million American wage-earners according to a recent BLS report. 

The bottom line here is that users of cheap foreign labor profit $435 billion per year at a $402 billion cost to American workers. Combining this with with the $55 to $100 billion fiscal deficit above, the nation is suffering an annual loss from its foolish immigration policies. The fact that American workers and taxpayers are being hurt badly to drive up the profits of those who use cheap illegal immigrant labor is a moral outrage.   

Yet these fiscal and economic consequences of illegal immigration and excessive importation of legal foreign labor by no means tell the whole tragic story.

These figures do not count the cost of illegal immigrant crime, which is high in certain areas--illegal drug traffic, DUI/DWI auto accidents, and high levels of domestic violence.  

A North Carolina Highway Department study of 2005-6 indicated that illegal immigrant DUI/DWI accidents were 2.5 times the rate of the total population. Driver training is not going to make a big enough dent in this to overcome the greater number of illegal immigrants that will come to North Carolina because of the red carpet welcome of HB 328. 

There is also other significant crime due to illegal immigration in North Carolina. North Carolinians for Immigration Reform (NCFire) has been collecting statistics on child rapes and other crimes. In the last 17 months in North Carolina, 1,170 illegal immigrants have been arrested for 5,675 separate charges of child rape. It does not take a genius to recognize that

 HB 328 opens the door to more of this terrible pain and suffering for children and parents.

It is outrageously short-sighted to call HB 328 a law enforcement bill. It would probably increase crime significantly. 

In addition, HB 328 has negative implications for national security and educational quality. 

Even voters in liberal Oregon voted down a November 2014 Referendum proposal to give driver permits to illegal immigrants by 68 to 32 percent. The idea polls even worse in North Carolina. 

HB 328 is clearly special interest legislation that will benefit some powerful lobbies and high level donors, but it will hurt most North Carolina wage-earners, small businesses (competing with cheap foreign labor), and taxpayers. 

Furthermore, like most special interests legislation, the bill is deceptive concerning is purposes and its real beneficiaries. The North Carolina Legislature should set a higher standard. 

HB 328 is not a trivial violation of public trust and honest government. No North Carolina legislator should vote for it. It is especially embarrassing that this bill has Republican sponsors.  

I have been a County Republican Chairman both in North Carolina and Alabama, and I keep a close check on grassroots Republican sentiments. I can tell you unequivocally that passing HB 328 will cause many in the conservative Republican base and many unaffiliated independents to lose faith in the Republican Party. They are are already angry. You are flirting with fiscal, economic, social, and political disaster to entertain the passage of any such bill as HB 328. 

Mike Scruggs

Hendersonville, NC

(828) 606-9533

Concerned Citizens and Immigration Reformers,

NC Listen, NCFIRE, Moore Tea Citizens, NC Voter Integrity Project and members of Forsyth Constitutional Patriots will have an “action day” at the North Carolina General Assembly on 27 Mayand WE NEED YOUR help for a couple of hours.  We will have handouts for you and let you know what to do……..

Our purposes are:

  1. to STOP NC House Bill 328, a bill to give legal driver’s permits to illegal immigrants,
  2. to promote NC House Bill 318- a bill to protect jobs for citizens, not illegal immigrants, and
  3. to promote HB100 which would allow access to names of people who have been excused from jury duty, because they are NOT a citizen of the USA, so that those names can be compared to the NC voter rolls for removal!


The last time illegals got driver’s permits in North Carolina, illegals from all over the nation came to North Carolina. The number of illegals in North Carolina increased from 30,000 to over 300,000.

If we do it again we will be the only state in the southeast to give legal driving privileges to illegals and become, yet again, a magnet. What do you think this will do to our state budget…….guess who will pay the bill for government services to more illegals……that’s right…  And any state-issued ID and driver’s permit will make it easier for illegals to Vote.

We also support NC Senate Bill SB 694 which passed the NC Senate and is now in the NC House and this bill goes after scofflaws who hire illegal immigrants and don’t pay Worker’s Comp insurance.

We need to contact State Legislators in person in Raleigh at the NC General Assembly.

Plan to come to Raleigh on Wednesday, May 27th @ 10am at the NC General Assembly Building (16 West Jones Street) in Raleigh.  We’ll meet in the southwest court, a public area to the left as you walk in the front door of the General Assembly building off of Jones Street.

We need a significant showing.  We will visit offices of the NC Senate and NC House. We will have handouts, let you know which offices to visit, and let you know what to do. Small groups of us will spread out to accomplish this. It’s worked in the past.

Reply to Ron Woodard ( and let him know you are coming.

Thank you for your support!

James Johnson

President- NCFIRE

North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement– website

@NCFIREJames– Twitter– Facebook

NCFIRE Hotline– 1-855-NCFIRE1 



In liberal Oregon's Nov. 2014 referendum, voters rejected drivers permits for illegal immigrants 68% to 32%.

This referendum proposal was very similar to the bill now sponsored by Republican Rep. Harry Warren of Rowan County.


The title of Harry Warren's HB 328 is "The Safety/Citizens Protection Act."

Like most special interest legislation, the title is about as far from the truth 

as you can be.  It is not really about public safety, folks,  It is about big money getting more big money at the expense of North Carolina workers and their families and the ever-abused taxpayers. In fact, it is very likely to make you a lot less protected and safe. Rolling out the red carpet for illegals, attracts even more illegals. Crime rewarded attracts more criminals and discourages the honest and law-abiding.  Giving driver permits to people who come here illegally will not make this a good state to live, work, and raise children in. It will hurt all of us, but it will hurt the poorest of us the most. 


I am personally embarrassed that any Republican would sponsor or vote for such a bill. 


It is a special interest bill that would hurt NC worker wages and job opportunities. It would increase illegal immigration and cost taxpayers a bundle in benefits and services for them. Judging from the Heritage Foundation study the gap between public cost and taxes collected would be over $14,000 per illegal immigrant household.


Why should NC taxpayers subsidize employers who hire cheap foreign labor? There is also the unmeasured cost of illegal immigrant crime. More on this later. 

Don't be fooled by those who put special interest campaign donations ahead of the general welfare. 

A new report indicates that states that favor illegal immigrants attract more illegal immigrants and cause taxes to rise. This is causing middle class flight to other states. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has done their homework on this issue. More on this later, too.

Harry Warren's special interest drivers permit bill for illegals would cause serious economic damage to NC wage earners, taxpayers, and small businesses. It would also damage respect for law and the legislative process and jeopardize public safety. It would even damage our already sagging national security, all for the sake of cheap labor employers and their campaign donations. 


North Carolina does not need to be another California. Contact to get the names of legislators you should contact, find out about the rally in Raleigh Wednesday, and find out how illegal immigrant crime is hurting our people. 


It is not just foolish or irresponsible legislation; it is morally reprehensible and corrupt legislation with little respect for patriotism or the good of our people. 


Our legislators should be voting for HB 318 bill, the "Protect North Carolina Workers Act." Our own people need jobs. HB 318 fixes the hole made last year in North Carolina's E-Verify law that protects North Carolina workers and prevents hiring of illegal workers. 


How terrible it would be to betray our people and our children by attracting more illegal immigrants and making it easier to take jobs from North Carolina workers, as in HB 328.  


Please forward this to all who seek just and honest government. 


Here is a list of NC Legislators to contact.  Simply copy and paste them into your email "To" fields.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Tell them to vote for HB 318 to repair North Carolina's E-verify to protect North Carolina workers and jobs. 


Tell them emphatically that our people will not tolerate HB 328 that gives drivers permits to illegal immigrant workers. They must vote NO! 


Let them know that North Carolina voters will be watching these bills and immigration issues closely.


Then send.


Mike Scruggs

Hendersonville, NC