NC House 113 Cody Henson (R)

NC House 113 Candidate and Primary Winner Cody Henson (R)  ATPAC encourages you to please support Cody in November.  Thanks to all who gave their time this primary to assure his win.  
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3/15/2016 Greetings,
I just want to thank you and the rest of the Asheville Tea PAC for all our hard work during NC Primary season.  Because of your hard work at the polls, via email, phone calls, social media and your votes I was able to win the primary for NC House District 113! We were able to win 32 of 32 precincts and win 64.66% of the vote.
Don’t stop now! There are several conservatives that face tough liberal challengers in November.  Keep after friends, family and neighbors to vote in November and elect conservatives to represent us at ALL levels of government.  Because of you WE WILL WIN in November.
I look forward to speaking with you again soon!
Thanks again and God bless.