NC Refugee Service Providers

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 From  NC State Refugee Plan 2015 pgs 16-22



North Carolina African Services Coalition (ECDC)* – Greensboro

Grants: RAP – Social Services (RAP-SS), Reception and Placement (R&P), Match Grant (MG)

122 N. Elm Street, Suite 810             Greensboro, NC  27401

Phone # 336-574-2677                       Fax # 336-574-2672

Agency Website:

Million Mekonnen, Director

Phone #336-574-2677, ext. 24           Email:

Christine Brown, Job Developer (TAP)

Phone #336-574-2677, ext. 27           Email:

Karat Berhane, Match Grant Coordinator

Phone #336-574-2677, ext. 28           Email:

Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency, Inc. (HIAS)* – Charlotte

Grants: RAP – Social Services (RAP-SS), Reception and Placement (R&P), Match Grant (MG)

5007 Monroe Road, Suite 101           Charlotte, NC 28205

Phone # 704-535-8805                       Fax # 704-535-8806

Agency Website:

Ellen Dubin, Executive Director

Phone # 704-535-8805           Email:

Marsha Hirsch, Education Coordinator/Volunteer and Donations Coordinator

Phone # 704-535-8803           Email:

Bruce Fremderman, Bookkeeper/Office Manager

Phone #704-535-8803                        Email:

World Relief Corporation – World Relief

119 Cumberland Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801.  Phone:  828 575 9036

Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte – NC Western Regional Office (Asheville)

            Grants: RAP – Social Services (RAP-SS)

50 Orange St.                                      Asheville, NC  28801

Phone # 828-255-0146                       Fax # 828-253-7339

Agency Website:

Svetlana Gundorin, Refugee Case Manager

Phone # 828-255-0146, ext. 26, or 828-275-6630     Email:


Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte (USCCB)*

Grants: RAP – Social Services (RAP-SS), Refugee School Impact (SI), Targeted Assistance Grant – Formula (TAG-F), Cuban Haitian (CH), Reception and Placement (R&P)

1123 S. Church Street                        Charlotte, NC  28203-4003

Phone # 704-370-3262                       Fax # 704-370-3370 or 704-370-3377

Agency Website:

Gerard A. Carter, Executive Director

Phone # 704-370-3250           Email:

Cira Ponce, Office Director

Phone # 704- 370-3277          Email:

Barbara Douglas, RAP-SS Coordinator

Phone # 704-370-3278           Email:

Sheila M. Purello, Program Director (CH, SI)

Phone # 704-370-3294           Email:

Susan Jassan, Facilitator (SI)

Phone # 704-370-3258           Email:


Central Piedmont Community College – Charlotte

            Grants: RAP – Social Services (RAP-SS)

P.O. Box 35009                                  Charlotte, NC 28235

Phone # 704-330-4855                       Fax # 704-330-4821

Agency Website:

Marianne Lyall-Knusel, Senior Coordinator

Phone # 704-330-4855                       Email:

            Amanda Ingrassia, Recruitment, Retention, and Assessment Specialist

Phone # 704-769-0299                       Email:


Charlotte Mecklenburg Senior Center – Charlotte

Grants: RAP – Elderly (RAP-E)


3925 Willard Farrow Drive                                                    Charlotte, NC 28215

Phone # 704-531-6900 (Main Line Connects to All)             Fax # 704-531-6008

Agency Website:

Myra Green, Senior Center Director             Email:

            Mirian González, Refugee Assistant             Email:


Church World Service (CWS)* – Durham

Grants: RAP – Social Services (RAP-SS), Targeted Assistance Grant – Discretionary (TAG-D), Reception and Placement (R&P), Match Grant (MG), Preferred Communities Grant (PCG)

112 S. Duke Street, Suite 4B                                                Durham, NC  27701

Phone # 919-680-4310 (Main Line Connects to All)           Fax # 919-680-4320

Agency Website:

Ellen Andrews, Director, Refugee and Immigration Program            Email:

Rebecca Schaeffer, Immigration Services Coordinator                      Email:

Erin Edmiston, Employment Specialist (MG, TAG-D)                      Email:

Mandy Maring, Employment Specialist                                             Email:



Church World Service (CWS)* – Greensboro

Grants: RAP – Social Services (RAP-SS), Reception and Placement (R&P), Match Grant (MG), Preferred Communities (PCG), USCIS Citizenship Grant

            620 S. Elm St., Suite 315                                                       Greensboro, NC  27406

Phone # 336-617-0381 (Main Line Connects to All)             Fax # 336-617-0654

Agency Website:

Sarah Ivory, Director                                                             Email:

Valerie Coll, Lead Employment Specialist                           Email:

Darius Crawford, MG Employment Specialist                     Email:

Badal Gurung, Case Manager                                                            Email:

Losko Renic, Case Manager                                                   Email:

Margaret Evans, Refugee Special Cases Coordinator                      Email:

Kelly Dent, R&P Coordinator                                                            Email:

Stephanie Adams, Citizenship Education Coordinator          Email:

Katlyn Lantz, Immigration Counselor                                               Email:

Simon Taft, Esq., Immigration Legal Services

Phone # 336-676-4223                                               Email:



Cross Cultural Resources, Inc. – Charlotte

            Grants: Targeted Assistance Grant – Formula (TAG-F)

4801 E. Independence Drive, Ste. 608           Charlotte, North Carolina 28212

Phone # 704-469-5638                                   Fax # 704-208-4018

Agency Website:


Abdullah Sheikh, Executive Director             Email:


Elon University School of Law, Humanitarian Immigration Law Clinic – Greensboro

Grants: RAP – Social Services (RAP-SS)

Physical Address:       210 W. Friendly Avenue; Greensboro, NC 27401

Mailing Address:        Humanitarian Immigration Law Clinic; P.O. Box 5848; Greensboro, NC 27435

Phone # 336-279-9299                                   Fax # 336-272-9667

Agency Website:


Heather Scavone, Director

Phone # 336-279-9354           Email:


Guilford County Schools – Greensboro

            Grants: none

            120 Franklin Blvd.                                         Greensboro, NC  27401

Phone # 336-370-8982                                   Fax # 336-370-8939


Mayra Hayes, Director of Guilford County School District, English-As-A Second Language Program


Millie Barreto, ESL Community Liaison



Interfaith Refugee Ministry (EMM)*– New Bern

Grants: RAP – Social Services (RAP-SS), Targeted Assistance Grant – Discretionary (TAG-D), Reception and Placement (R&P), Match Grant (MG)

1233 Colony Drive                                         New Bern, NC  28562

Phone # 252-633-9009                                   Fax # 252-638-7570

Agency Website:

Susan Husson, Executive Director

Phone # 252-633-9009                       Email:

Vesna Dujmusic, Finance Manager

Phone # 252-633-9009                       Email:

Zo Than Pari, Case Management Coordinator

Phone # 252-636-1759                       Email:

Debi Miller, Case Worker/MG Coordinator

Phone # 252-638-8705                       Email:


Interfaith Refugee Ministry-Wilmington (EMM)*– Wilmington

Grants: RAP – Social Services (RAP-SS), Reception and Placement (R&P), Match Grant (MG)

610-A South College Road                            Wilmington, NC  28403

Phone # 910-264-7244                                   Fax # 910-769-3907

Agency Website:

Sara Pascal, Sub-Office Coordinator

Phone # 910-264-7244                       Email:

Gail Ferris, Case Manager

Phone # 910-262-9971                       Email:

Danielle Allen, Employment/Resource Developer

Phone # 910-538-0714                       Email:

Tun Tun, Case Worker

Phone # 910-264-0622                       Email:


International House – Charlotte

Grants: RAP – Social Services (RAP-SS)

Physical Address: 1817 Central Avenue, Ste. 215                            Charlotte, NC 28205

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 5429                                                       Charlotte, NC 28299-5429

Phone # 704-405-0962 (Legal Clinic Direct Line)                            Fax # 704-334-2423

Agency Website:


Jelena Giric-Held, Clinic Director, BIA-Accredited Representative (Ext. 113)            Email:

Jacqueline Berry, BIA-Accredited Representative (Ext. 118)                                  Email:

Anne L. Crotty, Supervising Attorney (Ext. 115)                                                      Email:

Kathleen Brennan, Attorney (Ext. 114)                                                                Email:



Lutheran Services Carolinas – Child & Family Services – Refugee Resettlement Services (LIRS)* – Raleigh

Grants: RAP – Social Services (RAP-SS), Reception and Placement (R&P), Match Grant (MG), LIRS Children’s Services

616 Hutton St.                                                Raleigh, NC  27606

Phone # 919-832-2620                                   Fax # 919-832-9876

Agency website:


Courtney McCurdy, Area Manager

Phone # 919-861-2812           Email:

Edward Ruse, Vocational Education Training

                        Phone # 919-861-2873           Email:

Bedrija Jazic, Director (Lutheran Services Carolinas – NC and SC)

                        Phone # 803-461-2637           Email:


Montagnard/Dega Association, Inc. – Greensboro

Grants: RAP – Social Services (RAP-SS)

611 Summit Ave., Suite 10                            Greensboro, NC  27405

Phone # 336-373-1812                                   Fax # 336-373-1832

Agency Website:


Y’Siu Hlong, Executive Director                   Email:

Stephanie Cheston, Senior Employment Specialist

Phone # 336-373-1812                       Email:

Bridget Kennedy Beck, Administrative Coordinator

Phone # 336-373-1812                       Email:


New Arrivals Institute – Greensboro

            Grants: RAP – Social Services (RAP-SS)

New Arrival School: 2714 West Market St., Greensboro, NC 27403

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 5315, Greensboro, NC  27435-0315

Phone # 336-937-4701

Agency Website:


Leilani Roughton, Executive Director


Lynn Thompson, Refugee Education Assistant/Outreach Director


            Chad Camp, Vocational Education Instructor



Senior Resources of Guilford – Greensboro

            Grants: RAP – Elderly (RAP-E)

PO Box 21993, 301 East Washington Street                         Greensboro, NC  27401-27420

Phone # 336-373-4816                                               Fax # 336-373-4922

Agency Website:

Ellen D. Whitlock, Executive Director

Renee Griffin, Asst. Director                                                 Email:

Narayan Khadka, Refugee Outreach Coordinator     Email:



U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI)* – Raleigh

Grants: RAP – Social Services (RAP-SS), Cuban-Haitian (CH), Targeted Assistance Grant – Discretionary (TAG-D), Reception and Placement (R&P), Match Grant (MG), Preferred Communities (PCG), Post Release Services, ORR Micro-Enterprise Grant, Refugee Saving Program Individual Development Accounts (IDA)

The Raleigh Building; 5 West Hargett Street, Suite 202      Raleigh, NC 27601

Phone # 919-334-0072 (Main Number)                                 Fax # 919-334-0077

Agency Website:

Kevin Noonan, Director, NC Field Office (Ext. 4016)          Email:

Saida Mohamed, Job Developer (RAP-SS) (Ext. 4008)        Email:

Dawn Nicolas-Roberts, Program Coordinator (CH) (Ext. 4004) Email:

Wake Technical Community College – Raleigh

            Grants: RAP-Social Services (RAP-SS)

9101 Fayetteville Road                                                          Raleigh, NC 27603-5655

Phone # 919-334-1516                                                           Fax # 919-715-3437

Agency Website:


Susan O’Neill, Recruiter/Retention/Transition Specialist    Email:



World Relief Refugee Services of North Carolina (WR)* – High Point

Grants: RAP – Social Services (RAP-SS), Targeted Assistance Grant – Formula (TAG-F),  Reception and Placement (R&P), Match Grant (MG), Anti-Human Trafficking Program (AHT)

155 Northpoint Avenue, Suite 102                                        High Point, NC 27262

Phone # 336-887-9007 (Main Line Connects to All)             Fax # 336-887-5245

Agency Website:


Andrew Timbie, Director                                                                                Email:

Kristin Boggs, Finance Manager                                                                   Email:

Jennifer Foy, Employment Services Manager (RAP-SS Contact)               Email:

Shameda Evans, Resettlement Manager (R&P)                                            Email:

Sandy Paige, MG Coordinator                                                                       Email:

Rachel Parker, AHT Client Advocate                                                           Email:



North Carolina State Refugee Office


Name                                                                                 Telephone Number         E-Mail

Marlene S. Myers, NC State Refugee Coordinator             919-527-6304   


Gail Andersen, Consultant                                                    919-527-6302   


Lynne Little, Consultant                                                        919-527-6303   


Patricia Priest, Consultant                                                     919-527-6305   


Min Jung Jung, Consultant                                                    919-527-6334   

DSS Main Number:                                                                919-527-6300


Fax Number:                                                                           919-334-1265




Physical Address:       (Use this if sending package by commercial carrier- FedEx, etc.)

Department of Health and Human Services

NC Refugee Program

McBryde Building / Hargrove Wing/Dix Campus

820 S. Boylan Avenue

Raleigh, NC  27603


US Postal Service Mailing Address:

Department of Health and Human Services

Family and Economic Services/NC Refugee Program

Hargrove Building/ Dix Campus

MSC 2405

Raleigh, NC 27699-2405



NC Refugee Health Program, NC DHHS / Division of Public Health


North Carolina Refugee Health Coordinator          Telephone Number                            E-Mail

Jennifer Reed Morillo                                                            919-733-7286 ext. 112  

Confidential Fax Number:                                         919-733-0084


Physical Address:       (Use this if sending package by commercial carrier- FedEx, etc.)

1200 Front Street, Suite 101

Raleigh, NC  27609


US Postal Service Mailing Address:

NC Refugee Health Program

1905 MSC

Raleigh, NC  27699-1905

Provider Grant Money