Hasan-Gate NCGOP Move To Oust Chair Harnett

Grassroots out maneuvered; Hasan Harnett replaced by Robin Hayes; will a Phoenix rise? 5/5/2016

by Hal James and Raynor James
In spite of persistent, sustained efforts by grassroots Constitutional conservatives, a kangaroo court style proceeding removed Hasan Harnett as Chairman of the NC Republican Party on Saturday, April 30.
The meeting of the NC GOP Executive Committee held in Raleigh began with registration at 9 a.m. and did not end until 6:15 p.m.Three hundred and three Executive Committee members initially participated. The total body has 695 members and includes all Republican members of the NC House and Senate. Approximately 23 members of the General Assembly participated Saturday.
Everything that could be disputed was. The legality of holding the meeting, who was to chair the meeting, choosing the rules of the meeting, the date chosen for the meeting (since it was widely known from a calendar published in January that Chairman Harnett would be out of the country on April 30 and would be unable to defend himself), and whether Robert's Rules of Order could trump the NC GOP Plan of Organization were all challenged. These challenges happened not once per issue, but many times. The objections did not stop. They continued throughout the long day, and they were made by many different grassroots conservatives, including a few members of the NC General Assembly. Sadly, they were all overruled by the chair, and this includes a motion of "no confidence" in the person chairing the proceeding.
The meeting was chaired by Billy Miller. Mr. Miller is very skilled at conducting a meeting that is designed to have the trappings of fairness while being grossly biased and unfair. It is really sad to see a very intelligent, skillful person use his abilities with evil intent. We were treated to several such performances on Saturday.
Mr. Miller was ably abetted by Richard Hayes, a Professional Registered Parliamentarian and member of the American College of Parliamentary Lawyers, who was imported at significant expense from Denton Texas for the day.
To get a feel for how biased the work of this duo is, let us consider two conflicting decisions regarding the use of Robert's Rules vs. the NC GOP Plan of Organization. In Saturday's meeting, it was ruled that although the NC Plan provides that removal from office shall be "by a 2/3's vote of the respective Committee," Mr. Miller said that when one considers Robert's Rules of Order and legal precedents, one will see that the phrase has been held to mean "by a 2/3's vote of members present and voting." Mr. Miller's smooth talk managed to make that sound reasonable, and this is in spite of the fact that one of the grassroots conservative members of the Executive Committee had just sited an example where the NC GOP Central Committee had forced a county that was trying to removed its county GOP Chairman to have a 2/3's vote of its entire Executive Committee in order to achieve their goal, and she had provided him with the written documentation to prove it.
Now, are you ready for the kicker? That decision was what allowed the vote made on Saturday to remove Hasan Harnett from office. There were 79 "no" votes and 200 "yes" votes on the question of Chairman Harnett's removal. Two hundred votes are not 2/3's of the entire NC GOP Executive Committee. In order to remove him, a document written "by civilians for civilians" was viewed through a distorted legal lens, and the meaning of that document was changed on the spot. Presto, change-o!
We witnessed a disgusting miscarriage of justice.
At this point, attention was turned to the election of a new NC GOP Chairman. Grassroots members fought against choosing a Chairman saying that the State GOP Convention is convening in 6 days, and since we serve in lieu of the larger body betweenConventions, we should leave it for the 2016 Convention to decide.
That didn't fly.
Steve Rader raised a Point of Order by saying that proper notification of all members of the Executive Committee was not possible since it was unknown at the time Saturday's meeting was called whether or not the Chairman's position would be vacated.
That didn't fly.
Senator Joyce Krawiec (NC Senate District 31) nominated former NC GOP Chairman, Robin Hayes. Mr. Hayes just happened to be present in the assembly although we had not seen him an Executive Committee meeting before.
Parenthetically, since reports of Art Pope's being the establishment's usurper Chairman of Choice have been widely circulated, a new rumor has surfaced. That is the daylight scared Mr. Pope away, and Robin Hayes is the new usurper of choice, so the presence of Mr. Hayes had been noticed and widely commented on among attendees.
Steve Rader nominated Keith Kidwell of Beaufort County.
Bill Jett nominated Jack Brosch.
Each candidate was given time to speak.
Keith Kidwell, a large man with visual and vocal presence who is the Treasurer of the Congressional District 3 Executive Committee and who was introduced by Mr. Rader as a successful "uniter" in Beaufort County made a strong, short speech. Audience response made it clear that what he said was appreciated by grassroots people.
Jack Brosch acquitted himself well, too.
Mr. Hayes is an elderly, white man who moves slowly and stiffly, but his voice is surprisingly strong and energetic. He made a prepared speech that was allowed to go a bit longer that the announced time frame. Establishment types responded well to Mr. Hayes' speech. Grassroots people were polite. Honesty compels us to mention the fact that Raynor had her arms crossed in front of her waist, a frown on her face, and one foot twitching like an irritated cat's tail during much of the speech. We were on the front row and clearly visible to Mr. Hayes.
At the conclusion of his speech, Mr. Hayes came down from the stage and headed straight for us. He offered to shake Hal's hand. Hal stood and shook it. Mr. Hayes next offered to shake Raynor's hand, and after a brief hesitation, she did, but her face did not lose its frown. Whatever else he is, the man is a consummate politician, and he's not the least bit shy about approaching the opposition.
Jack Brosch received 5 votes, Keith Kidwell got 62 votes, and Robin Hayes was given 176 votes. He is our new NC GOP Chairman. With 176 votes. By way of interesting contrast, thousands of delegates are expected to convene in Greensboro on Friday May 6. One wonders whether their purpose is to be window dressing for the elite, establishment ruling class, or to make decisions for the Party.
During much of Saturday's meeting, the doors were locked and much ado was made about "personnel matters," "executive session," and secrecy. Executive Committee members were lectured about non-disclosure of Party affairs. It was made to sound like the future of the Party is dependent on our silence. Between the lack of fairness and this drum roll, it felt like we were living in an inverted universe. Up was down. Bad was good. Where was Alice? Where was the Cheshire cat?
What had the NC GOP just accomplished? We had wounded ourselves, that's what. Is it mortal? We don't know. We hope not. While we've just witnessed the worst of the Republican Party, we stilldon't know of a better tool for saving our country.
Immediately after the removal vote, Raynor was so angry and destressed, she announced she was going to march herself down to the Board of Elections and change her Party registration on Mondaymorning. Hal and other grassroots friends immediately talked her out of it with a mixture of logic and kindness.
Several other grassroots members of the Executive Committee made similar announcements. Some at the time. Some on social media since then.  Time will tell whether they follow through or think better of it.
We've shared the bad news, and there was a ton of bad news to share. We did not win this battle. However, as big and bad as it was, it was only a battle. It isn't the war unless we quit.
The good news is that, in the process of gearing up to fight this battle and in executing the fight, a significant number of grassroots Constitutional conservative patriots have met and identified each other. We are in the process of forming a network across our state. That can become powerful. There is already some strength in our baby-step beginning.
Imagine this; about twenty to thirty people arrived in Raleigh before 8 a.m. in order to organize to hold up pro-Hasan signs, give out pro-Hasan flyers and stickers, and distribute his defense team's rebuttal and alternative rules for conducting the meeting to arriving members. Many of them have driven 3 to 5 hours to get here!
Prior to that, these people have emailed each other, talked to each other on the phone, and the ones who live near each other have met. They've shared strategies and ideas for how to "win one for the Gipper." [Translation: "Engineer the triumph of truth, justice, and Chairman Hasan Harnett."]
On arrival, they introduce themselves to people they've never met, and when people recognize each other's names, they shake hands heartily, pat each other on the shoulder, and even sometimes hug each other. Big smiles break out repeatedly. All sorts of contact information is shared.
Many of those same people will gather again soon at the 2016 Convention.
What if they can maintain contact and cooperation? What if they can bring in other like-minded folks? Is it possible that a new awakening and a renewed determination to return our country to the representative Constitutional republic it was designed to be can rise from the ashes of our defeat? If so, we'll have Hasan Harnett to thank. After all, it is he who has brought us together.

NCGOP Replaced Chairman With (RINO - SUPREMO) Former U.S. Rep Robyn Hayes  http://www.newsobserver.com/news/politics-government/state-politics/article74909482.html

He has the nerve to say that the 'grassroots Republicans' elected him!  Arrogance. Hubris.  The GOP is over!  http://www.ncgop.org/grassroots-republicans-elect-former-congressman-party-chair-as-ncgop-chairman/

Read more here 

"Yep, ol’ Robin is back.  He of the strong-arm, threatening tactics in Tampa.  He of the Ripon Society.  He of meddling in Republican primaries. He of the Mark Harris stalking horse campaign in the 2014 US Senate primary.  His prior experience as a congressman and party chairman clearly demonstrates his contempt for conservatism and The Tea Party. So, it made perfect sense to make his appointment to interim chairman of the NCGOP the cherry on top of the F-U move perpetrated against teaconservatives on Saturday in Raleigh. ..." 



4/25/2016  Letter to Executive Committee from Chairman Hasan Harnett

Dear NCGOP Executive Committee Members,

With respect to the Plan of Organization, we all have a cross to bear. The NCGOP Executive Committee through the Central Committee is charged with the mission of creating an effective Republican organization in every political precinct (and county) in North Carolina. With this in mind, there is remaining work to be done to prepare our people, our precincts, and both traditional and grassroots Republican voters alike. What looms ahead is the immense battle against Democratic opponents in November and it will take everything we can do together, as a body, to win. 

Unfortunately, ongoing operational problems have persisted for many months which does nothing to further our Party's mission. However, there are two things we ought to remember: 

#1 The key to victory, as a body (Corinthians 12:12-31) lies within our ability to honor and respect one another while utilizing the strength of our diversity.

#2 God is not the author of confusion but of peace (1 Corinthians 14:33). 

Therefore, if you are willing to help me restore a modicum of sanity and civility within the party, please plan to attend the NCGOP Executive Committee meeting now scheduled for 9:00am on Saturday, April 30th at NC State’s McKimmon Center, which is conveniently located at 1101 Gorman Street -- just off Western Boulevard in West Raleigh. Due to my travels abroad on business abroad through May 1st , I will be unable to attend the meeting.

Also to note, proper notice of charges have not been furnished as required under the NCGOP Plan of Organization, which is partially reproduced below and which clearly requires two weeks’advance written notice to invoke in the first place:  

"7. Vacancies and Removals
a. Any Member of a Committee organized under this Plan may be removed either:

1. By a two-thirds vote of the respective Committee after being furnished with notice of the charges against him, and signed by the lesser of (i) 50 Members or (i) one-third of the Members of the respective Committee. Any Republican against whom any such charges are brought shall be furnished with two weeks’ notice of said charges and be given an opportunity to present a defense. Removal by such a vote of the respective Committee shall be confined either to gross inefficiency, Party disloyalty (as defined herein) or failure to comply with the County, District, or State Party Plans of Organization."

If you have any questions, you may contact me via return email. 


Hasan Harnett                                                                                                                
NC GOP State Chairman


4/17/2016  NCGOP mutineers making their big move on Hasan Harnett on April 30th

Below:  Three reasons why the NCGOP Central Committee is Out of Line and Why You Need to Support Hasan!  

TO:                     Executive Committee Members of the NCGOP




FROM:               Dorothea Scott Alderfer,


                           Senior Parliamentary Advisor


                           Buncombe County GOP




SUBJECT:         Called meeting of the NCGOP Executive Committee


                           April 30, 2016  10 A.M.  Raleigh, NC




DATE:               April 16, 2016




I question the validity of this meeting for the following reasons:




1.     The Chairman against whom charges have been made cannot be present


to defend himself as he will be out of the country.  Prior notice of this out-of-the


country commitment was given by the Chairman January, 2016.




                          2.  Prior notice of this meeting to Chairman Harnett by registered mail has not been received in a timely manner as is required.




I question the proposed Agenda.




                           I can find nowhere in the NCOP Plan of Organization where the Executive Committee has the authority to either appoint or elect the NCGOP Party Chairman.




Therefore, I recommend that this meeting be cancelled


District 2 Convention Rally to Support Hasan Harnett, NCGOP Chair  - The Cotten Era in NC-02 comes to a RUDE End  

Another Central Committeemen bites the dust!  

 On going and latest push back from grassroots Lynch Mob Politics.  NCGOP Chair does not deserve this.  It will NOT stand!  Stand with us.   See District 1 Resolution calling for an investigative probe into the Central Committee.  https://ashevilleteaparty.org/?page_id=13185 

We need to show up to support Hasan at the District 2 Convention in Sanford on April 9th, noon to 2.

Please forward!


Press Release 4/3/2016:  Grassroots Leaders Condemn NCGOP Central Committee for Move To Oust First Black Chair Hasan Harnett.  Will Protest GOP District 2 Convention, Saturday, April 9th https://ashevilleteaparty.org/?p=13201


Moore Tea Citizens Newsletter re:  Rally April 9th here


NCGOP Chair Responds to Allegations and NCGOP Investigation here

 Sign the petition to support Hasan Harnett

Informational Articles On What Has Become a National News Story!  

Republican Party Rift  in North Carolina Mirrors Feud at National Level

Hasan-Gate nothing more than Karl Rove shenanigans? Read here

3/20/16 Lawyering Up At the NCGOP"At my advice, (the lawyer) the Central Committee and others have tried to avoid handling this matter in public in order allow a reasoned discussion with Chairman Harnett in private or in closed session of the Committee."  Really!  NCGOP issues press releases of their Memo:  Censure of Chairman Harnett on the NCGOP website  here  and here NCGOP Investigting Allegtions That Chairman Requested A Brute Forcettach On the Party Website 

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Anyone up for a probe?

The 1st Congressional District Republican Party has passed a resolution calling for a formal investigation of the mob seeking to lynch state GOP chairman Hasan Harnett:

Resolution Requesting Investigation of NCGOP Central Committee4-fDGLMbV

Whereas; On March 20th 2016 the NCGOP Central Committee passed a resolution of No Confidence and Censure of duly elected NCGOP Chairman, Hassan Harnett.
Whereas; The NCGOP Central Committee operates in a non transparent and secretive manner with non disclosure agreements placed on its membership.
Whereas; The NCGOP Central Committee has thwarted every effort for Chairman Harnett to be successful, including denying him access to NCGOP Headquarters, and his email account.
Whereas; Certain members of the NCGOP Central Committee have publicly made known their discontent with Chairman Harnett with statements for Harnett to resign, to something has to be done to remove him.
Whereas; Evidence is mounting that suggests possible civil or criminal conspiracy to remove Chairman Harnett.
Whereas; Chairman Harnett, and Vice Chair Nix were locked out of their NCGOP email accounts due to possible “cyber attack”, yet no one else’s email were locked out.
Whereas; Ken Robol, 3rd district webmaster has signed an affidavit suggesting Chairman Harnett reached out to him to hack the NCGOP Website, where evidence of text message screenshots suggest the opposite.
Whereas; It is known that Central Committee members voted on the censure of Chairman Harnett without seeing or having access to Mr. Robol’s signed affidavit.
Whereas; It is known that Mr. Robol, and Harvey West (husband of 3rd District Chair, Kim Cotten-West) are business partners.
Whereas; The NCGOP Central Committee meeting on March 20, was an Illegally called meeting due to lack of 10 day notice according to NCGOP PoO. Photo2nd-Joyce-Cottens show envelope postmarked less than 10 days prior to meeting.
Whereas; Screenshots of text messaging suggest Central Committee member John Steward and NCGOP Executive Director, Dallas Woodhouse plotting strategy to have Chairman Harnett removed from the Chairmanship.
Whereas; This scandal is beginning to make national news, and will potentially damage the outcome of our general elections in November.

Therefore be it resolved; The NCGOP 1st District Republican Party petitions the NCGOP Executive Committee to open a formal investigation into this controversy, and take necessary action including but not limited to; removing individuals from the NCGOP Central Committee that were directly involved in said conspiracy, and taking legal action to the maximum extent of the law against those individuals.

Resolved; The NCGOP 1st District Republican Party petitions those Central Committee members who voted in favor of the Harnett Censure, who were not directly involved in said conspiracy, to make it known publicly and distance themselves from those with direct involvement.

Resolved; The NCGOP 1st District Republican Party encourages all factions to unite and work together toward electing Republicans in November upon satisfactory resolution of this conflict.

Resolved; Upon adoption, this resolution shall be made available to: Chairman Hasan Harnett, The entire NCGOP Executive and Central Committees.

From what I am hearing, things are about to heat up on this subject in the 2nd district ANDin the 3rd.  *Hoo-boy. Pass that popcorn over here.*