NCGOP Response to HB2 Repeal

NCGOP Response to Bipartisan Repeal of HB2

Today HB142, a bipartisan bill supported by a majority of Republicans in both chambers, was signed into law. HB142 is a compromise to repeal HB2 while still protecting bathroom privacy. Regulation of multiple occupancy restrooms, showers, and changing facilities are left to the state, which restores the regulations to what they were before the Charlotte Ordinance. While the bathroom, shower, and locker room protections are now permanent law, a moratorium on local ordinances (not dealing with bathroom facilities) was enacted until December 2020 as well.

"I would like to commend Republicans for all of their work and various stances on HB2, all the while uniting around the public policy goals of protecting privacy and security in bathrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities. HB2 was put in place because of a radical and politically motivated Charlotte Mayor and City Council, and unfortunately North Carolina's desire for bathroom safety was unfairly maligned by political opponents and partisan press.

HB142 is a commitment to the people of North Carolina that bathroom policies are no longer up for grabs among local governments. Women and children will never have to feel vulnerable due to the actions of rogue City Council members. Like you, I have been frustrated by how unfairly Republicans have been treated on this issue. There is no doubt that we have good people of principal with opposing views about the wisdom of altering HB2. As a former legislator, member of Congress, and candidate for governor, I am encouraged that today we secured the most important public policy victory-- laws that provide safe, secure and private bathrooms for women and children."
-NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes