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Parler exploded with followers after Twitter suspended President Trump's account.  Amazon then booted Parler from its web hosting services

"Parler CEO John Matzeblasted Amazon, called Parler's suspension "an attempt to completely remove free speech off the internet." He said that Parler could be down for at least a week as they "rebuild from scratch."  Google Play and Apple's App Store also removed Parler.

It’s Not Censorship, It’s a Coordinated Effort to silence this populist movement of WE THE PEOPLE. The Purge Has Begun. Where It Stops, Nobody Knows.

However, we are not going away and we will not be silenced.  We have alternative suggestions that are exploding with new followers.  By the way.  This scheme to silence this populist movement isn't working.  75 million of us who voted for Trump and had our votes stolen are not potted plants.  We are Americans and we will find fight to preserve this nation and free speech, an unalienable right given to us by our Creator, not government.

Highly Recommended Social Media Hubs

Me We  (Your private life is not for sale. No Ads. No Spyware. No BS. #Not4Sale Video)

Hub Clout (CloutHub is a Next-Generation Social Network For Social, Civic and Political Networking. We Empower Our Members to Connect, Collaborate and Influence the Issues They Care About.)  Alternative to Parler.  Folks displaced by Amazon suspending Parler are flocking to Clout Hub.

"We are on a mission to help change the world by giving everyone a platform to have their voice heard and where everyone can make a difference."

(Note:  (National File:  Parler Switched to Epix but things not final yet.  See article here.)  We'll keep you posted.

Rumble (Alternative to You Tube.  Rumble,is a video platform focused on helping over two million creators manage, distribute, and monetize their video content. (Gab is growing rapidly in a historic exodus from Big Tech, and fending off sophisticated attacks that seek to silence and censor your ability to Speak Freely.
While we work to scale up there will be periods of growing pains, slowness, and even downtime. We would appreciate your patience and support during this.)  Andrew Torba @A is the CEO.  They're even working on a phone divorced from Silicon Valley.

The past 4 days of Gab growth:
-51 million visits
-91 million page views
-1.7m new users

We will update the list as we get more platforms that appear to be reliable platforms for folks like you who want nothing more than to return to Constitutional authority and a functional government. 

P.S. Rep  Kevin cMcCarthy (R) and US House Minority Speaker has not whipped up votes to block President Trump's impeachment.  Senator Mitch McConnel career politician and outgoing President Pro Tem of the US Senate, agrees with the impeachment of the President.  This is one more nail in the GOP coffin.  They no longer exist.  They don't represent WE THE PEOPLEand have not for decades.

"Republicans, through their passivity or in some cases encouragement, brought one party rule to an already divided country, miserable after a year of COVID diktats. They deserve their future irrelevancy." American Thinker:  To the GOP. Trump You!

More sites here: 


Bitchute, SPREELY , CloutHubWeGoGabCodias, Mumblit and Vomvos!