News June 21, 2019

What's Buzzing in Asheville! 

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What's Buzzing in Asheville This Week! 

Ashevile Citizen Times: Supreme Court: Gerrymandering in Asheville and N.C. can stay; 'Beyond the reach of courts'

Asheville Tribune: City employees COLAS (Cost of Living Adjustments) Questioned

What's Buzzing in Hendersonville!

Blue Ridge Now:  2020 Debate:  Democrats clash over health insurance, economy

Hendersonville Tribune:  ‘Nam vets to go on Honor Flight to D.C. Oct. 6: Elder vets also welcome

Heritage Action for America Update:  After nearly two months, the U.S. Senate finally decided to act on President Trump's request for more humanitarian aid at our southern border. Senate Democrats have called the situation at the border a "manufactured crisis" despite the evidence and horrific images on the news in the last few weeks. Once their rhetoric was proven false they blamed the now acknowledged crisis on President Trump of course.  Read the rest here.  

June 28, 2019

Happy Friday, folks! Let's take a look.

Around the Hill:

On the most recent “Unashamed” podcast, Phil Robertson and the crew talks about snake encounters and take a look at how sin first began to affect humanity: