News You Need To Know Week of May 4th



Carolina Journal: N.C. General Assembly passes COVID-19 relief bills 

Covid 19 Info from NC Legislature here.

What you need to know about Covid 19  in Asheville, May 4th here. 

Perspective ... 

Asheville Daily Planet:  The Candid Conservative:  Catastrophe is rarely an accident  

2A at Risk

Thom Tillis wants to be a RINO – the gift that no one ever wants. 

He's collaborating with the liberty grabber leftists in chipping away at your rights.  The Firearms Policy Coalition has the run down on this effort:

Bill/Issue: Bi-partisan attempt to sneak gun control legislation into the next COVID-19 stimulus package. 

Position: Strongly Opposed.

Stop The BiPartisan Attempt At Sneaking Gun Control Into The Next Covid 19 Stimulus Package

Mail-In Ballots

Voter Integrity Project

Time to Pepper Your Lawmakers

Goose the Vote

1A Violations:  There is no clause in our Constitution or in our Bill of Rights that suspends our inalienable rights because of a virus!!  We must get our state and our nation open.  

Western Journal: New Mexico Governor Closes All Roads to City of 22,000, Forces Strict Lockdown

‘Orwellian’ NYPD swarms parks to enforce social distancing

Townhall:  Justice Department Sides With Virginia Church Facing Fines, Jail Time for Holding Services

The Clarion Project:  Antifa Attacks Children's Facility.  Where was the press??  

Rally in Raleigh Tuesday, May 5th.  This is a weekly rally.  See link for details. 

Heritage Foundation:  Restoring America as the Land of the Free

How To Hold China Accountable for Covid 19

TN Star:  Americans Are Ending the Lockdown, Despite Orders from Elected Officials

American Cities Defying the Stay At Home Order.  See Twitter

Planned Parenthood 🙁

Judge Awards PP $1.2 Million, To Be Paid by People Who Caught Them Selling Baby Parts