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The purpose of this organization is not to form yet another educational group but to bring together a variety of individuals and like-minded organizations, thus presenting a unified EDUCATIONAL/ACTIVATIONAL PROGRAM



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Lily Liberty

Lady liberty 1885

(Lady Liberty 1885), is a Conservative minded wife and mother living in the Triangle area of North Carolina. A.P. Dillon founded the blog in 2009. After the 2012 election, she added an Instapundit style blog called The ConMom Blog. Mrs. Dillon recently participated in Glenn Beck’sWe Will Not Conform. Mrs. Dillon’s writing, in addition to Da Tech Guy’s Magnificent 7, can also be found at, WatchdogWireNC and WizBang. Non-political writing projects include science fiction novellas that are, as of yet, unpublished. Her current writing project is a children’s book series.



Lynne M. Taylor


  • Private educator/homeschool of over 20 years (awarded a National Society of High School Scholars 'Distinguished Educator', Class of 2011).
  • Published author in book form, blog, various Internet media sources, as well as newspaper editorials (including being featured in Heartland Institute Education news) {previously guest blogger on Andrea Dillon's "LadyLiberty1885" blog}.
  • Common Core activist since 2009, specializing in the areas previously thought 'safe' from Common Core.
  • Conference speaker on various education topics since 2001, I've been honored to be invited back to several venues.
  • Former Children's Ministry Director (twice)
  • Currently serving on 2 Board of Directors for Christian organizations serving private education in NC
  • Avid, dogged researcher committed to ferreting out the truth concerning the state of education in America, because ALL students, regardless of school choice, or age, are being Common Core aligned!
  • Social media outreach/contacts span the US and at least 2 foreign countries also experiencing CCSS
  • Featured on YouTube sharing CC reach beyond high school at a 2014 Caldwell County meeting; I co-spoke with Dr. Crist
  • Co-leader of a NC based grass roots group "Preserving Integrity and Excellence in NC" (PieNC). A group of Greater Lake Norman homeschool parents dedicated to fighting CC in their educational choices.
  • First NC citizen to publicly say "NO to Common Core!" at the March 2014 Public Comment NC Common Core Hearing at the General Assembly (also on YouTube).
  • Nov. 2014 I was a featured guest on The Women on the Wall national conference call where I addressed Common Core beyond high school.
  • Married, 3 children (2 college age, 1 high school)


(Curriculum task force biographies)


Gerald R. “Jerry” Egolf


Education Background:

Jerry holds certifications as a Training Manager, Instructor, and Distance Education Trainer by the National Cryptologic School.

Experiential Synopsis:

Has over twenty-five years in education and training programs as a government civilian and contractor.  As a Training Manager, was responsible for determining adequate operator and maintenance training for multiple projects in a multi-million dollar telecommunications program.  Was selected to lead a Department of Defense training facility, helping to design the layout and equipment in the facility, refine the curriculum, and mentor instructors in teaching highly technical courses in communications systems.  As lead of the training facility, was instrumental in it being awarded a national meritorious unit citation, the first ever awarded to a training group.

Retired from the federal government in 2004 and served as an instructor and trainer for the Verite Group working on a government contract.  During this time, was responsible for training government and military analysts to prepare them for deployment overseas, playing a significant role in developing tactical training courses as compared to broader-based courses provided by national commands.  While creating these courses, was introduced to critical thinking and began including it in his courses, sparking interest across the tactical special operations units and Marine Corps radio battalions.

In 2009, became a senior instructor for Marine Corps units across the U.S., developing new courses to provide cutting edge methodologies and strategies for deploying units.  His personal experiences with critical thinking as well as its classroom successes led him to become a strong advocate for the practice which led to the development of more advanced material for his classes, significantly changing the direction of how critical thinking was looked upon by the military.  As part of this direction, he created a new model that merges intuition, cognitive learning, and critical thinking referred to as “progression of thought.”  It has helped numerous analysts with understanding their thought processes as they perform their analysis.  He is highly respected as a leader and teacher of Marines.

Personal Background:

He is a member of Trinity United Methodist Church in New Bern; particularly interested in working on humanitarian and disaster relief mission boards.  Sixty-six years old and lives in New Bern with his wife of ten years Sandra.  He has one daughter and two grandsons.  Loves black Labrador retrievers and fly fishing as well as traveling with Sandra.



Dr. Oddy Crist


Dr. Oddy Crist arrived in America in 1958 –leaving behind a family who put their lives on the line by opposing Hitler’s WWII evil agenda by helping to hide Jews and smuggling food to some Dutch folk during the occupation there. Germany was still a country marred by the bombing raids of the Allied Forces.

Dr. Crist relocated to North Carolina with her husband when he was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division/ Ranger School at Ft. Bragg in 1966.

During their 6 year stay Dr. Crist attended NC State University studying: Psychology, Child Psychology, Criminology, World Wars.

After moving to Charlotte, she continued her pursuit at Lee University – Charlotte Campus and later continued her goal of PhD. Theology and MA of Pastoral Counseling at Life Christian University – Concord Campus.

For over 50 years Dr. Crist has used her family’s experiences before and during WWII to challenge Americans to be more interested and protective of their country America. Currently Dr. Crist is speaking to many groups across our State about the evil plans of the Federal Takeover of our educational system, including Common Core, and several other organizations that have as their goal the overthrow of America.

Kathy Young



  • BA degree in English with Mathematics minor, Lamar University
  • M.Ed., Mathematics Education and work on Ph.D. at University of FL
  • Studied with Kenneth and Rita Dunn who did the seminal work in Learning Styles
  • Studied under Roy Bolduc, Jack Jenkins, Don Bernard, M.G. Kantowski, Mike Keedy,

                Mary Laycock, Kenneth Kidd, Howard Eves, and Paul George.

  • ESOL, Brain Gym, CAI, individualized instruction, testing, reading


Professional Experience:

  • Taught math & English (also science, programming, consumer ed) since 1966.
  • Taught middle school, high school, community college, and some K, 3, and 5.
  • Trained long haul truck drivers for Burlington Motor Carriers, wrote company handbook
  • Taught violent felons and the criminally insane at Florida State Prison, K-college
  • Tutored many children and adults in mathematics and language arts, K-college
  • Taught at UF’s PK Yonge Developmental Research School 1981-1993
  • Taught Sunday School, Vacation Bible School (ages 2 to grade 3)


Additional Professional Activities:

  • Featured speaker at 1972 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Convention
  • The only classroom teacher on UF committee that planned the ProTeach Program
  • Conducted in-service training for math teachers in several states
  • Spoke to FL GED Conference in 2004 about individualized instruction
  • Spoke at AC Middle Level Educators Conference about individualized instruction
  • Chairman of several professional teacher organizations
  • Wrote entire completely individualized curriculum for math programs in several schools
  • Wrote several math textbooks, one of which won a national award
  • Sponsored the Math counts Team, went to state
  • With fellow teacher wrote the entire K-12 curriculum for Florida State Prison education



  • Mother of 2, grandmother of 2 whom I babysit daily. Active in several local organizations

             and church.  Publishing writer since age of 13:  fiction, nonfiction, texts, humor.



  • Writing humor, sewing historical dress, teaching pistol shooting, camping, making Rev

             War Era crafts, participating in Rev War reenactments, creating free hands-on

             teaching materials, gardening, crocheting, building furniture.


Educational Philosophy:

  • My job as a teacher was to help children learn to Love Math and to become Lifelong Learners.  Learning should be fun; kids learn what they like.  All kids are different and learn best in a variety of ways on different timetables (the 180-degree OPPOSITE of Common Core Curriculum) when they learn in "bite-sized pieces" at their own speed, they don’t get frustrated, because they learn and understand more and more a little at a time with everything connected.

To have good schools, hire the best teachers you can find, enable current teachers to become even better, pay them, give them resources, and get out of their way.  Top-down programs never work. Teacher-created programs work miracles.





  • Graduated from Brockport University with a degree in Mathematics and Physical Education, as well as a minor in Statistics.



  • Taught in Public school in NY.
  • Taught in Charter schools and Christian schools in NC.
  • I taught mostly Middles school and High school math with a little middle & school science.
  • Had the dreadful experience of teaching the Chicago Math (Everyday Math) and heard complaints from parents concerning their program.
  • A math coach for competition teams.
  • Involved in curriculum research and development.
  • Part of a team redeveloping a school’s curriculum.
  • Had input of math curriculums after much research.
  • Did testing (ITBS) analysis for one school.



  • 46 years old and have a 7 year old daughter in public school.




  • Bachelor of Science in Consumer Science
  • Secondary Education with a minor in Biology
  • Master in Education, University of SC, Columbia, SC, in Elementary and Special Education.
  • Academically Gifted and Severe/Profound teaching license from East Carolina University.
  • Behavioral Disorders license from University of Georgia.
  • Currently holds an NC highly qualified graduate license, with 6 certifications – Biology – Consumer Science – S/P; AIG, grades K-12: Elementary Grades K-8; Language Arts 4-6.



  • 36 years teaching from Kindergarten to College, plus 7 years substituting in Wayne County, NC.
  • 20 years teaching in Wayne County
  • Co-Founded 2 Christian Schools, which included writing the curriculum for both
  • Curriculum coordinator for a 3rd Christian School
  • Lead teacher for Academics Plus after-school tutoring program for 3 years.  Managed teachers and handled discipline
  • Adjunct Professor-Wayne County Community College-2009
  • Served on the Advisory Council for Older Adults in Wayne County for 3 years.
  • Served as a substitute teacher in WCPS for 7 years, teaching at most of the schools in the county.
  • Wayne County Volunteer of the Year Award 2007-08.


  • Church pianist, choir member, Sunday School Teacher for 30 years
  • Children’s Bible Hour and Ladies Bible Studies teacher.
  • International Speaker


  • Married to Dr. Tomas O. Harper, Pastor of the Second Baptist Church in Goldsboro, NC.
  • 3 sons; one of which is a retired Major with 2 years of service, the youngest son is a 1st Lt. in the Army National Guard Reserves having served for 15 years.
  • Has a business of embroidering and monogramming.



Don R. Watson, M.A.

Educational background:

A Political Science Major, a Minor in Business, a Minor in Law, and a Master’s degree in Christian Counseling, uniquely prepared him to be a leader in the Christian Party Organization where he serves as National Vice Chairman and North Carolina Executive Director.


Experiential Synopsis:

He is the founder of Covenant Restoration, LLC, The Constitutionalist Gathering Place, the Patriot Institute, and the Citizens Constitutional Caucus.  His educational and experiential preparedness of well over a half century give him a solid foundation for participating in these endeavors.  His resulting wisdom and understanding is now being promulgated in educating the populous as to the character and dedication of the Founders, the Wisdom found in the Scriptures and the Founding Documents (which brought forth the uniqueness of the Republic), thus using his back ground as a means to the end of revealing the governmental and religious degradation existing today, how it developed, and the relevance of the Founders character and wisdom.  This formulates the basis for the solution to revive the Republic, based on Judeo/Christian principles and law.

Other business experiences included starting several secular businesses as well as the Christian Guidance Clinic.  He was a Christian Family and Marriage Counselor until side tracked with prostate cancer over sixteen years ago.

Now he desires to incorporate this more than a half century of experience and education into an institution to train and prepare 3 C Patriots in the rich and powerful history of the Republic. 

Thus, the inauguration of the “Academic Freedom Alliance.”

Personal Information:

Vice Chairman of the Christian Party of America – Executive Director of the Christian Party of NC - Seventy six years old - Married for 56 years - Three daughters and 5 grandchildren.  Lives in Cary, NC.  Contact




Constitutionally Grounded

Conservatively Molded

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