North Carolina House Members Emails and Information

Buncombe and Henderson Counties NC House Reps

N.C. SENATOR (Dist 48) Tom Apodaca (R)  919-733-5745

N.C. SENATOR (Dist 49) Terry VanDuyn (D) \ 919-715-3001

REPRESENTATIVE (Dist 114) Susan C. Fisher (D)919-715-2013

REPRESENTATIVE(Dist 115) John Ager (D)  919-733-5746

REPRESENTATIVE (Dist 116) Brian Turner (D)  919-715-3012 

HVL: REPRESENTATIVE (Dist 113)  Chris Whitmire (R)

REPRESENTATIVE Chuck McGrady (Dist 117) (R); Henderson, Transylvania, Polk
List of all elected officials Buncombe County, NC, US: