Open Letter to Republican Party

Conservative Grassroots Voters: have taken the time and put in the effort to frame the argument that there is absolutely no reason to continue supporting the establishment GOP.  While there is a group of Liberty Patriots in both the House and Senate, the establishment GOP leadership under House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and their fellow RINOs,  have abandoned Conservative principles at every turn, abandoned the Republican Party platform, and have given the Progressives every thing they want.   T o continue to support candidates because they have an R after their name is at this point, insanity.  Asheville Tea Party never has nor will it ever support Progressives of any party. History will judge these RINOs  harshly. They are responsible for our nation's slide into decay.  

An open letter to the Republican Party

 We have declared our independence from the Republican Party. As of today,(3/3/2015) we have officially changed our voter registration from Republican to Independent/Unaffiliated. From this point on, we will vote for, and fund, the Conservative candidates who best reflect the values and principles of our Founders.

 For the last three election cycles, in spite of the Establishment’s open and aggressive contempt for us, Conservative Republicans answered the call for party unity and supported the candidates chosen by the Beltway politicians. Our votes were critical in the GOP’s wins in each election since 2010.

 In exchange for Conservative votes, you promised to repeal Obamacare, end illegal immigration, reign in the deficit, defund Obama’s executive orders and counter the Progressive/Democrat agenda in D.C.  Now that Election Day is behind us, it’s politics as usual, complete with backroom deals, favors and corrupt Beltway machinations, all delivered with an outright disregard for the very Conservatives who assured your win in November.

 The 114th Congress has failed to deliver on any of its campaign promises. Congress’ passage of a DHS bill which does not defund Obama’s executive order on amnesty underscores this failure. Following the bill’s passage, the GOP immediately launched a smear campaign against the Conservatives who actually stood by their campaign promises.

 Your elite group of Beltway/Raleigh GOP insiders needs to understand that Conservatives are no longer willing to compromise our values, morals and principles for a group of career politicians who value power and money over the Constitution. We have held our noses and voted for the “lesser evil” for the last time.

 We will no longer blindly follow the Beltway mandates to maintain so-called party unity. We will no longer settle for the next-in-line candidate chosen from within the party’s corrupt ranks. We will support only bona fide Conservative candidates and their campaign platforms.

 Beltway Republicans, our elected GOP Congressmen and Senators, the NC GOP, and the RNC, you are officially on notice that we are now unaffiliated voters. You can no longer count us among your members and supporters, depend on us for money or be assured of our votes until you demonstrate an accommodation to Conservative values.

 The GOP lost the election in 2012 because 4 million of its members didn’t vote. Conservative votes will be pivotal to a Republican win in 2016.

 If we stay home, the GOP will fail.

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