Outdoor Training Facility

Submitted by Janice Parker:  We need Sheriff McDonald’s outdoor training center

We don’t live in Mayberry anymore.  We need Sheriff McDonald’s outdoor training center.  Now.

We have gang-fueled bloodshed in a South Carolina prison April 18th left seven prisoners dead and 22 injured; lawless people randomly shooting police officers; Antifa ready to raise their lawless heads; and all those unvetted adult male Syrian “refugees” who came in.  (How do we know where these Syrian men ended up?  I know personally that an middle-eastern man our military had “vetted” blew himself up on one of our bases and killed 4 people**).   Then there’s “Holy Islamville” in York County is supposedly “peaceful” but the Department of Homeland Security says it is linked to a Pakistani militant group*

I thank God for Sherriff McDonald who wants to keep us all safe.  What he says about the need for an outdoor training center makes sense to me.  Officers need to train for rapidly changing threat environments, and they can’t do that standing at the Justice Academy’s indoor range.

Whenever I happen to hear my neighbors practicing outdoors at a field near my home, it’s a comforting sound.   I know it’s red-blooded Americans who love their country and are practicing to protect it, their families,  and mine.