Paul Ryan Wrong Choice for House Speaker. Primary Him!

Time to ‘vacate the chair’!  

12/22/2015 Wisconsin Tea Party Declares War on Paul Ryan

Payback for His Treachery on the Omnibus Bill

12/22/15:  Buyers Remorse? National Review Slams Omnibus and Backing Paul Ryan as Speaker

11/19/2015: Paul Ryan continues to show us he is wrong for House Speaker.  No different than Boehner:  Ryan Tells Sean Hannity He Will Not Support Any Cuts to Muslim immigration.  “That’s Not Who We Are.”  

11/19/2015:  Paul Ryan’s first major ct as Speaker of the House is to block amendments to flawed regugee resettlement bill

11/16/2015:  Exculsive – House Freedom Caucus Chair:   No Commitment from Paul Ryan to Block Import Muslim Refugees 

It gets worse:  Boehner got 5 Million, Ryan got 2 Million and McConnel got 9 Million – Any doubt why TPA passed? .  In case you forgot what TPA welfare is …

11/5/2015 Paul Ryan Wrong Choice for New Speaker

How can the new House Speaker Paul Ryan claim to change the way the Boehner House does business when the first thing he does is  vote for the worst GOP budget deal since  George H.W. Bush violated his pledge of ‘no new taxes’?  Ryan voted for the Boehner unconditional surrender to Obama by eliminating all of the spend and borrow checks on DC that break the budget caps, end the sequester and raise the debt ceiling by $1 trillion!!  The national debt is $18.1 trillion and we will spend $7 trillion more over the next 10 years than the government receives in taxes, piling on even more debt.   Ryan voted for this dangerous Boehner-Obama unholy alliance but wants us – the idiots he thinks we are – to believe that the Republican Party is not spitting up blood and sucking on fumes. 

Ryan has an F score with every Conservative group in the nation.  See his 56% score from Heritage with an abysmal description of the bills he voted for here  Want amnesty,  he’s your guy.  As part of the deal for support from   the Freedom Caucus,  Ryan made a commitment to never bring up ‘anmesty’  issue with Obama in office.  Hum?  So what happens after 2016?  

Ryan has absolutely no credibility and with his vote for the Zombie Budget, what ever good faithortrust he would have garnered, has evaporated.  




GOP spitting up blood and sucking on fumes

Zombie budget deal explained in one chart

No Ryan for speaker.  No Zombie Budget deal

Derail the Ryan Express


10/31/15 From Numbers USA

Ryan forced to make promises & assurances on immigration to win Speaker post because of ferocious grassroots activism

I won’t sugarcoat it.

The election on Thursday of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) to be Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives is a setback for the cause of sensible immigration in the national interest. He is more committed to massive increases in immigration and to rewarding illegal migrants than even the Boehner/Cantor/McCarthy trio who were pushed aside one-by-one over the last year largely or in part because of persistent grassroots activism against their commitment to immigration expansionism.

Nonetheless, without your barrage of phoning and faxing that you did over the last two weeks, we (and the country) would be in far worse shape for the future.

Because of the furious public pushback against his immigration ideology, so many Republican Members of the House started expressing concerns that Ryan was denied the near-unanimous coronation that he and his team were on the brink of achieving. In fact, it began to look like he might not get the 218 Republican votes necessary to win the seat (since all Democrats by tradition would vote against him.) Instead, he had to work right up through Wednesday evening, making promises and giving assurances to individual members about what he would do on immigration.

Because of you, immigration was at the top of the list of concerns Ryan had to confront to persuade enough people to vote for him.

In the secret ballot vote of Republicans on Wednesday, 43 Members voted for somebody other than Ryan. That in itself was quite a victory because it sent a clear message putting Ryan and his team on alert that more than enough Members are watching his every move on immigration to be able to challenge his Speakership as they just got through challenging Boehner’s.

On the floor Thursday, only 9 Republicans withheld their votes from Ryan, allowing his victory. Most of our strongest allies for sensible immigration in the House ended up voting for Ryan. Why? First, unlike on Wednesday, the votes were cast publicly. Second, many of those members had exacted promises and assurances from Ryan. We still don’t know what all was said.

Most importantly, most Republican Representatives appear desperate for a strong leader and they see leadership skills in Ryan that they aren’t seeing in any other of their colleagues. Most of them believe Ryan is an honorable man who will live up to promises he has made to them. They like him on a lot of issues, even though they despise his immigration ideology.

We felt his ideology over-rode any promises he might make and felt it important to try to keep Ryan out of the Speakership (on the issue of immigration alone). We did not succeed because many of our best allies in Congress felt differently and were willing to take the risk.

But because of your activism:

  • Every Member of Congress is now fully aware of Ryan’s long history and ideological commitment to immigration expansionism. He had done most of that work behind the scenes. Now, everybody is sensitized and on alert.
  • Ryan knows that his stance on immigration was the issue that came the closest to blocking him.
  • He also knows the role of immigration in clearing Boehner/Cantor/McCarthy out of the way to make the Speakership available to him.
  • Ryan had to make a lot more promises on immigration to our allies than he had planned to make.
  • Our allies who were the ones who pushed Ryan over the 218 line know that they themselves are being held responsible by their constituents and should feel a need to move in to block Ryan every time they learn he is campaigning behind the scenes for immigration policies against the interests of the American people.

Good work. Thanks for all that all of you did. You can be sure that WE are on alert. We all have our work cut out for us to push the House to move bills that actually HELP American workers and American communities and the American quality of life.

FRI, OCT 30th