Petition Henderson County Commissioners: Renew Support for the Partnership with ICE

Petition for Henderson County Commissioners to Urge the Henderson County Sheriff to Renew the 287g Program with ICE and Continue Their Financial Support For 287g 

We the undersigned hereby petition the Henderson County Board of Commissioners to urge the Henderson County Sheriff to renew the 287g program with ICE and to continue their financial support for 287g.

We the undersigned are petitioning the Henderson County Board of Commissioners to urge the Henderson County Sheriff to renew the successful 287g program with ICE which has kept our community safe from illegal immigrant criminals for the past six years. Also, to continue the financial support needed by the sheriff’s department to administer the 287g program.

We believe that the 287g program partnership with ICE is best for our community of legal residents and citizens. By cooperating with ICE, the detained criminal illegal immigrants can be identified and reported to ICE and removed, thus avoiding tragedies that have befallen other communities. Also, it is known that when local law enforcement does not cooperate with ICE, the ICE presence increases in communities with raids, sweeps and roadblocks whereby causing otherwise law-abiding illegal immigrants to be picked up and subsequently reported.
Therefore, we believe that protecting the citizens and legal residents of our community is a proper role of government and the most wise use of our taxpayer dollars.


Please fill in the form below.  Copy past above and below and send it to An ICE (Immigration Customs and Enforcement) agent will be attending a Henderson County Commissioner's Meeting with facts about 287g and consequences of termination.  We will alert you and encourage you to attend to support this community effort.  This petition will be presented to Commissioners at that time. Thank you for caring!  

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