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Over the last several years, the average refugee influx into the United States has been less than 70,000 per year.  The US State Department recently announced the plan to increase that number to 85,000 in 2016, and at least 100,000 in 2017, primarily to accommodate Syrian refugees.  There are at least two primary concerns with this plan: (1) economic impact to the accommodating communities and States, and (2) security impact.

A recent study by Heritage Foundation scholar Robert Rector indicates that the importation of 10,000 low-skilled migrants would result in the net cost (total benefits received minus taxes paid) of $130 million per year.  That cost, of course, increases with each year refugees are admitted, and further increases when the number of refugees admitted also increases.  In North Carolina, the number of refugees admitted has been ~2,400 each year over the last several years, and so the cost to North Carolina has been ~$32 million per year (for the newly arriving refugees, additional costs continue with the pre-existing resident refugees).  US policy permits refugees to bring in their family members, as well, and therefore, the true cost to North Carolina could be considerably greater.

The safety and security of the community wherein the refugees are placed is a primary consideration.  The US government applies a process to ensure that admitted refugees can be confirmed (vetted) to not represent a significant safety and security risk to the community.  Unfortunately, that vetting process relies on Country of Origin records that may not exist under failed state conditions.  In fact, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security have acknowledged that, while they will apply the vetting process to the maximum extent possible, it will not be possible to vet refugees coming from failed states such as Iraq and Syria.  The Islamic State has announced that it is using the immigration wave currently flooding Europe as a vehicle to infiltrate Western nations.  In fact, based on European immigration statistics, 2% of the immigrants admitted have been active jihadists intent on conducting terrorist activities within their host nation.  This is not a risk that the American people should be forced to undertake.

Based on these considerations, this petition asks Governor Pat McCrory to impose a moratorium on refugee admission and resettlement in the State of North Carolina until (1) the cost impact has been reviewed and found to be acceptable to the State, County, and local communities, and (2) effective measures have been developed and implemented to ensure that refugee admission does not adversely affect the safety and security of North Carolinians.


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