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Why PF Custom Guns?

 If you're serious about weaponry, you will want to visit P.F. Custom Guns.


 We serve hundreds of law enforcement agencies from the local police and Sheriffs Department to the FBI, Secret Service, Department of Defense Department of State

 We are one of the largest and most experienced Class III dealers in North Carolina.  All of our work is done in-house, so your gun won't be sent to places unknown, for an undetermined period of time. 

 Our team has over 55 years combined gunsmithing experience.  We are a full-service store, with the capability to work on any gun.

 We have a large, ever-changing inventory of new and used guns. We buy, sell, and make selective trade and consignment deals.

 Phil Flack, Owner

 Phil Flack has over 40 years experience in firearms repair, shooting competitions, factory armorers courses, building and maintaining championship-winning road racing motorcycles, U.S. Army UH-1H helicopter crew chief, and tool and die machining and welding. He recently completed several tours as an armorer with a private security company in Iraq.

 In keeping with his love for the outdoors and high-adrenalin experiences, Phil was also a professional motorcycle racer.

As the owner/operator of P.F. Custom Guns, Phil is primarily involved in repair and enhancement of firearms for competition, personal security and Law Enforcement Agencies. Enhancements have included building short barreled rifles (AR-15/M-16, AKMs, M-60, RPDs, Remington bolt action rifles and shotguns) and other special needs weapons for Local Law Enforcement Agencies.

 Phil has held a Federal Firearms License and Federal Firearms Manufacturing License since 1986. He also has:

Armorers certificates from various firearms manufactures, including Benelli, Bushmaster, Colt, FN, Glock, HK, Remington, Springfield Armory and certificates from Murray State Community College

 Instructors certifications from HK and the NRA for law enforcement firearms instruction, including sub machine gun instruction

 Completed advanced level Law Enforcement SWAT, Hostage Negotiations and Sniper/Counter sniper courses from the NC   JusticeAcademy, Law Enforcement and Rescue Specialties, Texas A&M and the US Army.

 Additionally, Phil has participated in and won pistol and sub machine gun competitions throughout the United   States. He currently holds Master Class rating with the United States Practical Shooting Association in Open, Limited and Revolver classes which he earned while competing with firearms that he built and maintained.