Pockets of Resistance Group

As you know, our nation stands at the edge of the abyss. What we do or don't do over the next year or so may well determine our nation's fate.As we discussed, I am creating a nationwide network of organizations that can turn on a dime and provide overwhelming support or opposition to an issue, action, or legislation of mutual interest. Our agenda includes getting control over immigration (both legal and illegal), especially Muslim immigration, opposing sanctuary cities, supporting the building of the Wall, ending or restraining and reforming refugee resettlement, opposition to sharia law and the building of megamosques as a form of civilization jihad, opposing female genital mutilation, challenging CAIR and similar groups who regularly try to shut us down, getting the Muslim Brotherhood and its associated organizations declared a terrorist group, as well as other national security concerns such as electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) and its existential threat to America.
I formed the Pockets of Resistance in 2016 as an initial effort to bring together disparate groups working on the same issues but without the synergistic power created by a mutually supporting network of similarly-minded activists. About 700 people from 47 states joined and we had some notable successes, including state legislation and resolutions opposing refugee resettlement and encouraging governors to oppose Syrian resettlement. Information I provided on refugee resettlement to one group assisted that group in opposing a new resettlement center in their city, and their activity led to the defeat of an open-borders, five-term mayor by an unprecedented margin.
This is meant to be a mutually-supportive group, thus if some relevant issue arises of specific interest to the Asheville Tea Party, you will be able to count on the rest of us to join you in your fight. For example, recently Minnesota's version of Linda Sarsour, an influential American Muslim convert named "Regina Mustafa," wrote an article in one of the states largest, oldest publications, demanding that a gubernatorial candidate resign from the race because he called sharia law incompatible with the U.S. Constitution. We overwhelmed the article with dozens of strong, articulate criticisms of Mustafa's despotic rant. Those interested can see my communique that issued the call to action here: https://mailchi.mp/3c7e0f20b4b9/the-continuing-crisis.
This kind of collaboration makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts. We all benefit from each others' experience, knowledge and commitment. I put out a regular communique that discusses current activities and news, and sometimes issue calls to action like the one regarding Mustafa, and another recent one you are familiar with regarding DACA.
I invite the Asheville Tea Party to become a member organization of the Pockets of Resistance. That would involve participating in activities of mutual interest, such as call-ins to Congress, comments on articles that need public attention, webinars, conferences, training, and other relevant activities. 
Please reply to this email in the affirmative that you would like the Asheville Tea Party, with a mailing list of approximately 1,300, to be involved with the Pockets of Resistance (POR)
I look forward to working with you! 
Best regards,
Jim Simpson