President’s Day Event” Mark Keith Robinson Tues Feb 19th, 2019 in Columbus, NC

Presidents Day Event:  Tuesday, February 19th at 6:30PM, Columbus, NC:  Mark Keith Robinson, 2nd Amendment Champion,CEO of MajorityMattersUSA.  He's the guy who read the Greensboro City Council the riot act on gun control.  In case you need a refresher , here's the video  

Tickets $10.  Dick has set aside 10 tickets for ATP.  First come, first served!  Contact Dick and then tell Jane 828 692 3117. 

For tickets, please call Dick Shaughnessy 828.829 2543.  Mailing address:  Polk County Republican Party, P.O. Box 448 Columbus, NC 28722. 

Address of event:  Sarah Ernest Darnall Building, 3 South Peak St., Columbus, NC 28722.  Directions here. 

Seating is limited. Purchase at the door if not sold out. Ticket availability updates.Go to this link
Complimentary refreshments and desserts will be served.  ATP attending!