Protect Jobs For Citizens Not Illegals House Bill 1069

June 2, 2016:  Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens:

Help protect jobs for citizens, not illegal immigrants. 

North Carolina state legislation HB 1069 is up for a vote in the NC House Regulatory Reform committee as soon as early next week, and it will fix the bad loopholes in our existing state E-Verify law in order to truly protect jobs for citizens.  

I've made it easy to email the committee members.....see down below.   Copy and paste the email below and contact list.

Please help. 

Action to take for sending Emails:

First "copy and paste" the comments just below to the body of your email.  Then type in the subject line: Reasons to vote AYE on HB 1069.  Now place your name in the "To" field and copy the further below email addresses and paste in your "Bcc" field:

Dear NC House Regulatory Reform Committee Members:

Please vote AYE on HB 1069, the 2016 NC Employee Protection Act.  

Our watered-down existing state E-Verify law to protect jobs for citizens and legal residents instead of illegal immigrants has a loophole that literally calls everyone a seasonal worker to not have to comply with the law.  HB 1069 will fix this loophole but give farmers a waiver, since less than 10% of illegals work in Ag-related jobs in NC, and the original loophole was added to claim to protect farmers.

This NC Civitas statewide poll question in May, 2016 got a 78% support vote, “Do you support or oppose requiring employers to verify the legal status of job applicants through a method like E-Verify?”

The U.S. Dept of Labor Statistics U-6, more encompassing, unemployment rate is published quarterly.  First quarter 2016 rate in North Carolina is 10%.

Since Jan, 2008 at the beginning of the recession our population in North Carolina has grown by 640,000 while the "total number" of people holding jobs has only increased 123,000 compared to the numbers recorded in Jan, 2008.

States cover over 70% of the costs of illegal immigration. 

Every dollar of public benefits going to illegal immigrants and their dependents is one less dollar going to our own poor and elderly poor.

We are surrounded by states who have E-Verify laws and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia have much tougher E-Verify laws than we do.

It takes 2 minutes to verify a new hire with E-Verify, but without E-Verify job protections it may take an unemployed low-skilled citizen over 8 months to find a job if at all.


Why are we letting companies who obey our laws get taken advantage of by companies who break our laws?

Committee members email addresses:    

And please send this email to your friends and associates.


Ron Woodard



6/8/2016:  HB1069 Referred to Committee on Appropriations