Report on the Rally for Republic Trip 9/26/18

Dear FreedomWorks and DC Team on our Hendersonville Bus,
These are the notes I took on the bus after our Senate and Congressional office visits. I've requested the attendees on the bus to add/edit as necessary.  This is what we have. 
 First:  Can't thank all of you enough for taking the time, effort and energy to give up your days and sleep to attend this important Rally and lobbying effort - in the heat and with lots of walking.    We were 2,000 strong!  You are awesome! 
FreedomWorks totally outdid themselves with this event.  The best ever and we can't thank them enough.  Thank you Kathy, Allen and Emily and Staff!  
Thank you Mars Hill students Aaron Kennedy and Dalton Clodfeller, the Ward brothers, Billy and Christopher,  and the Bilbrey brothers, Josiah, Micaiah, and Gabriel.  It was a great pleasure to have you on board with us and hope we can continue communication with you.   Your parents have done a stellar job.  We need you to assure our Republic endures because right now, we are in much trouble. Thank you for coming and adding to the success of the event. 
After the Rally, A Group found the Hendersonville sign.   B Group Leaders, Jeff Brown and Julie Scutti's, made a wise move when they took off to the House and Senate right after the Rally.  Found out on the bus that they did not see the sign but felt they had enough info to take the initiative to venture off with their group.
The A Group with John Jeter and Jane gathered under the sign with a FW staffer, Dan.  We were told we were going as one big group to the Senate and then to the House (which was not our understanding the day before.)  A Group was only able to go to Burr's office and then Mark Meadows.  If all of us had gathered under the sign, we would never been able to make contact with as many as our group did with Jeff and Julie's lead. 🙂  
B Group was able to go to Walter Jones' and Thom Tillis' office.  Both Jeff and Julie reported that Walter Jones is supporting Jim Jordan.  (I will try to confirm this with Mark Meadows.) This is great and pleasant surprise since he was an UNKNOWN vote!  
The B Group also reported that Thom Tillis said he would vote for Kavanaugh if nothing earth shattering happened in the Judiciary Hearing on Thursday.  (I put out the Action Alert for folks to call Tillis, Grassley and Burr's office.  Tillis sounded like he was talking out of both sides of his mouth.) 
However, at the Judiciary Hearing, Tillis defended the nomination of Kavanaugh here and took in Bloomberg News here. This is a Senator with a failing conservative score who is standing up for what's right.  We need to hold all of our elected officials accountable - call them out when they go off the rails, and compliment them when they do the right thing.  Please call Tillis office and say Thank YOU!  202 224 6342.
From Jeff Brown:  Jeff's B Group " also visited the offices of Patrick McHenry NC-10 and Florida congressman Gus Bilirakis.  They talked with staffers in support of Jim Jordan.  We got no commitments, but were 
listened to.   
Also, the news just reported another conservative accosted by an idiot...we must do something !!! 
Thanks again for the great road trip."  
The A Group went to Burr's office.  We met with the staffer there who told our large group Burr was supporting Kavanaugh!  (Again, lots of calls and Tweets yesterday to make sure we held him to that.)  
A Group also visited Mark Meadows office.  We thanked Mark for his leadership and hard work.  When asked about where we stood with the vote for Jim Jordan, Mark said that the votes were moving in his direction but we have more work to do.  He said he has enough votes right now to make sure there is no confirmation of McCarthy on the first vote.  It's the second vote that will be critical.  That means, all of us need to continue to call our North Carolina delegation to make sure they vote YES for Jim! 
We ran out of time so none of us got to see Rep Mark Walker, a pastor who represents the 6th District in NC. He has a 98% conservative score.  He is the Chair of the Republican Study Committee, the committee Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan and Raul Labrador, Louie Gomert, and the rest of the Freedom Caucus used to belong until they became too cozy with RINO Ryan and were voting on legislation growing government, etc.  He's very important to our North Carolina delegation and he is an UNKNOWN vote.  There were other groups who did talk to Walker's office and the news didn't seem encouraging.  I will keep you posted with reports.
We, as North Carolinians need to convince Walker to Jordan's side. Since he is the Chair, his voice carries great weight.  We convince him, others will follow.  (202) 225-3065
 Please continue to call the North Carolina Republican Delegation.  Their contact info is here.


Be at Wal Mart Shopping Center by 10:30PM on Tuesday, Sept 25th. Bus leaves Wal Mart Shopping Center promptly at 11PM.


Join Rep Jim Jordan, Rep Mark Meadows, Rep Dave Bratt, and Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee.  

Wednesday September 26th from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
United States Capitol (West Lawn)
East Capitol St. NE & First St. SE
Washington, DC 20004

Must RSVP ASAP to or 209 986 3845 to ride the complimentary FreedomWorks bus.


 Hendersonville (Wal Mart Shopping Center off Hwy 64. 250 Highlands Square Dr, Hendersonville, NC 28792.

Include Your first and last name, cell phone (not home), email address, county of residence. 

Rally followed by visit to Congressional Offices.  
 FreedomWorks will make the appointments.