Refugee Resettlement is Expensive, Risky, Secretive, and Unfair

Refugee Resettlement is Expensive, Risky, Secretive, and Unfair, by Jennifer Hargett

Refugees are supposed to be able to prove they were personally persecuted.  However, that is no longer the case.  Under the current policy, an individual may receive refugee status simply because of nationality.  Worse, Obama administration also defines refugees as ‘those escaping poverty (economic migrants) from Mexico and Central America.  The Center For Immigration Studies has projected that a family of four ‘refugees’ would cost U.S. taxpayers – YOU – $257,482 over five years.  Even worse, FBI Director Comey repeatedly warns that  U.S. government cannot properly screen refugees, especially those coming from failed states like Syria.  No wonder that our debt is out of control and we have terrorist attacks most recently San Bernadino and Orlando. We are becoming Europe. 

Our state refugee plan says that all local agencies such as schools, health and social services, (including housing), and any others affected, must be notified, consulted, and included in the planning “to ensure successful refugee resettlement and to minimize any potential negative impact within the community …”  So why did Buncombe Commissioner Chair David Gantt meet the International Rescue Committee Director and just the Unitarian Universalist Church?? Don’t elect anyone who supports this expensive, risky, secretive, and unfair burden. (200 words)