Refugee Resettlement in SC Info for NC

Email sent 7/11/16 from SC Tea Parties

Dear Jane,

Mike forwarded your call to meeting to me. So glad the Asheville Tea Party is on this. Thanks to the Greenville Tea Party, Greenville officials acted wisely and quickly; the Spartanburg Tea Party was too close to Lindsay Graham to be effective on this issue. Maria Brady, who with her husband Mike and I organized the Boiling Springs Tea Party, was very helpful.

Karen Tewkesbury and I fought the good fight to alert our citizenry in Spartanburg last year when the Pastors of the Evangelical Immigration Table (assisted with funding from George Soros) and under the cover of a nonprofit organization created, I believe, for this purpose, called “Come Closer Spartanburg.”

We succeeded in alerting the citizenry but we could not budge our elected officials. Most of the elected class stood firm against us – we defeated a few in the elections last month, but they took out our biggest champion. Unfortunately, Lee Bright was a loose cannon, good hearted, but not willing to take the time to craft good legislation. The legislation he got passed, requiring county councils to affirm their support for the RRProgram in order for resettled refugees to get benefits –  iow, no action would suffice, and so no clear message was sent to the VOLAGs and we’re getting hundreds – to start. That legislation has now expired and people consider the issue mute – it’s a done deal.

Our theory is this: a clear “No thank you” must be delivered by the elected officials; after the charm offensive and the while the national spotlight is on them, isn’t the best time to talk to officials. Now is the best time!

What happened in Spartanburg is instructive. We found out about the refugees coming two months before the first ones arrived – that is too late! Asheville and Henderson have time to get to the officials and persuade them.

The business community is also key. Here, they were persuaded all that cheap labor would be wonderful. What about the craft brewers? When Muslims have a majority and they reach majority status fast, they will not be friendly to the alcohol beverage association and its members.

The goal is Shariah law and if what I learned from Phil Haney last night is correct (and it certainly makes sense) Muslims who follow the prophet’s command to immigrate are promised the same rewards as martyrs. That would explain why we see terrorists in the second generation – their parents have already earned their reward in paradise.

What is going on in Rutland, Vt., is also instructive.  – this blog has lots about Spartanburg too.

Attached are a couple of fact sheets we prepared especially for officials. You are welcome to replicate them or adapt them to your use.