Refugee Resettlement Questionnaire: Join Our Team

Refugee Resettlement Questionnaire:  We appreciate and value your time and effort.  When we pull together to address this critical issue, you and your family benefits, our community benefits.  We must speak with a loud voice.  Only WE can stop this. We do not give away or share your info to anyone or other organizations unless you give permission.  Contact info.  PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY.  Asheville Tea Party

NCListen FAIR Act for America


Phone _____________________________________________________________________________________

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Street # Address _____________________________________________________________________________

Town    _______________________________ State _________  Zip _____________________

Please fill out the form below and return. We will be in touch. Thank you.  

Check which areas interest you most. 

Deliver the message we expect transparency and pass Resolution to

_____Attend School Board meetings

_____Attend County Commissioners meetings

_____Attending City Council meetings

_____Get public commitments from candidates at Town Halls/meetings to pass legislation to halt Syrian   Refugees and amnesty.  Make them work for your vote!

_______Call Dept of Social Services to request NC State Refugee Plan placed on website

_______Research follow the money trail of one of the refugee service providers?  Where’s the fed money going and for what? Report back so we can expose.

______Participate in private conference calls/receive updates via email of Action Items and progress to act upon and inform friends and neighbors in your address book

______Send LTE’s to local paper. Expose Chamber of Commerce for support of amnesty

______Track social media

_____Writing LTE’s

_____Ghosting LTE’s

_____Be block captain to keep neighbors informed of issues

_____Help make contact with other groups (Rotary/Vets/Clubs/Tea Parties/merchants, churches, Chamber of Commerce. etc.)

_____ Special skills or talents _________________________________________________________________ 

______Other __________________________________________________________________________________