Report from 3/15 meeting with Sheriff

Report from March 15th meeting that Commissioners Grady Hawkins and Bill Lapsley had with Sheriff Griffin regarding the 287g program.

First:  Please make sure you thank Commissioners Hawkins and Lapsley for taking the time to sit down with the sheriff regarding the decade long 287g program Henderson County has had with ICE and for delivering the petition and the signature pages.  

These are the highlights I gleaned from my conversation with Commissioner Grady Hawkins.

We have an ICE office here in Henderson county that works with the sheriffs office.

Griffin does not want a sanctuary city. Sheriff's office will continue to work closely with ICE.

There is an ICE detention facility in SC where the illegals are currently being transported and held.  

(Under Obama) Federal funds to counties with 287g ended.  It's now up to the counties to fund.  (In interviews, Griffin has indicated that the funds for this program are better spent elsewhere.) 

If someone is arrested on  felony charge, they are automatically fingerprinted and put in the system to determine illegal status an then turned over to ICE.  

However, here's where the problem lies ... 

Illegals arrested on misdemeanor charges are not screened as those arrested for felonies.  So now what ...  

Griffin is going to present his take on the 287g program and how it has changed since Rick Davis began the partnership with ICE two sheriffs ago.  If all does not go well.  the ICE agent has April 17th Wed at 9AM available to come to the Commissioner meeting. 

Please remember, please come and speak or come to support those who do. 

Also:  March 14, 2019: House Republicans File Bill Requiring Sheriffs to Cooperate with ICE.  

This legislation was drafted in response to the growing number of sheriffs who are ending the 287g program and refusal to cooperate with ICE.  

Any candidate running for office in 2020 should run on this.  If it doesn't get passed this session, maybe it can be the first thing that does get passed with a new Republican Governor and taking back the majority in the House!