Resources on Refugee Policy and Law

From FAIR (Federation of Americans For Immigration Reform) Resource page on Refugee Policy and Law

1.  U.S. Refugee and Asylum Policy:

) of U.S. refugee and asylum policy concludes that protecting people facing political persecution by their governments has become, at best, a secondary consideration in determining who is resettled in the U.S. The report,Refugee

2.  Asylum and Refugee Provisions

Title III Subtitle D of S.744 undermines current asylum and refugee law by eliminating preexisting requirements aliens apply for asylum within a certain time frame of entering the U.S., allowing asylum officers

3.  Reforming Refugee Admissions

Comment from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) to the FY-2008 Refugee Admissions Program stakeholders’ meeting Chaired by Asst. Secretary of State Ellen Sauerbrey I am Jack Martin

4.  Needed Reforms in the Refugee Program (2011)

status is similarly a distortion of true refugee status because their presence in the country demonstrates that they are not subject to government persecution of a nature that generates the need for refugee protection

5.  The Need for Reform of Refugee Admission Policy

The Hon. Saxby Chambliss Chair, Immigration Subcommittee Russell Senate Office Bldg. C-2 Washington, DC 20510 Dear Senator Chambliss, The hearing over which you presided on September 21 on the U.S. refugee

6.  Needed Reforms in the Refugee Program (2012)

Statement submitted to the Public Meeting on FY 2013 Refugee Admissions Program May 1, 2012 Jack Martin Special Projects Director Federation for American Immigration Reform This statement

7.  Refugee and Asylum Policy Reform (2010)

Executive Summary Refugee and asylum law is overdue for reform. It has strayed far from its original and altruistic intent of offering protection to those who face a credible fear of persecution at the hands

8.  FAIR Summary of the Gang of Eight Asylum and Refugee Provisions

Title III Subtitle D of S. 744 undermines current asylum and refugee law by eliminating preexisting requirements aliens apply for asylum within a certain time frame of entering the U.S., allowing asylum officers

9.  The Role of States in the Refugee Resettlement Process (2015)

leaders questioning what they can do to address the impact of refugee resettlement in their communities. While only the federal government may decide who can enter the United States as a refugee, generally, federal law

10.  Stop Obamas Dangerous Refugee Resettlement Program

Stop Obama’s Dangerous Refugee Resettlement Program After last Friday’s deadly terrorist attacks ( in Paris, President Obama said he

11.  Summary of H.R. 4731: Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act of 2016

H.R. 4731, introduced by Congressman Raul Labrador (R-ID), would restore Congressional authority over refugeeadmissions. Among other things, the bill establishes an annual cap of 60,000 refugee admissions and prevents

12.  FAIR Supports Rep. Babins Letter and Refugee Resettlement Approach

that Congress include specific reforms, security measures, and oversight requirements for President Obama’s refugeeresettlement program in the year-end omnibus spending bill. The letter includes the tenets of his H.R. 3314

13.  Summary of S. 2363: State Refugee Security Act of 2015

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced the “State Refugee Security Act” to require the Federal government to give States advanced notice of the intent to resettle refugees within the State. The bill also allows state

14.  IRLI sues the Obama Administration for records related to its unlawful refugee programs

IRLI sues the Obama Administration for records related to its unlawful refugee programs Holding the executive branch accountable to the rule of law PRESS RELEASE | JUNE 16 2016 (Washington, D.C.

15.  IRLI and FAIR file public comment opposing the Obama Administration’s proposed expansion of refugee programs

proposed 2017 Refugee Admission’s Program. In their comment, IRLI and FAIR raised three broad concerns regarding the Obama Administration’s current policies and practices: The DOS and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration

16.  Obama Administration’s Plan to Make Hondurans Eligible for Refugee Status Opens Door to New Immigration Crisis, Warns FAIR

and recklessly proposing policies guaranteed to touch-off an even larger wave of illegal immigration,” said Dan Stein, president of FAIR. “The inevitable response to some Hondurans being granted refugee status on the basis

17.  Refugees and Asylees (2003)

or disappeared. Additionally, a large part of the earlier refugee flow came from programs that were not admitting truerefugees as recognized by the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. These programs included the program

18.  ABC News: Some Refugees in U.S. May Have Al Qaeda Ties

On November 20, ABC News ( reported that some entering the country with refugee status may have ties to terrorist organizations

19.  Tennessee Lawmakers Focus on Refugees

Tennessee lawmakers heard testimony this last week on the refugee resettlement process in their state during a joint meeting of the Senate State and Local Government Committee and the House State Government Committee

20.  Refugees (2003)

are currently being resettled in the U.S. annually, many of whom do not meet the U.N. resettlement criteria. “Decisions about refugee status…in the United States are shaped by a variety of sources: foreign governments