Response to WHKP 2/19/19 287g Elimination Interview


287G and ICE in HVL

 This isn't over.  Seems the sheriff is still beating the drum to get rid of 287g partnership with ICE.    This is an interview on 2/19 on WHKP with Griffin.  What follows is Jane Bilello's comment. 

This is what happens when you get rid of 287g relationship with ICE.

This is what it is costing us in blood, treasure, and lives.

 Illegal alien crime stats: 

Illegals months rapes of children in NC:

Cost of illegal immigration:

Is this not the best use of our tax money? We've had 287g successfully in place for the past 6 years keeping the community safe. This is nothing but pure pandering to employers who want cheap labor at the cost of our safety. Disgusted and ashamed that Henderson county is even having this conversation.