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7/6/2016:  Kate's Law Did Not Pass but Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis Vote for Kate's Law and to Stop Sanctuary Cities.Find out why the bill didn't pass.




7/21/2015 From Numbers USA Action Alert


House Leaders plan to schedule a vote on H.R.3009, the Enforce the Law for Sanctuary Cities Act, introduced by California Congressman Duncan Hunter. While the bill would block reimbursements for the costs incurred by sanctuary jurisdictions for jailing illegal aliens (SCAAP), it's weaker than an amendment already approved this year and does nothing to address the federal government's mass release of criminal aliens.

Earlier this year, the House approved an amendment offered by Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) to the Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations Act. King's amendment not only blocked SCAAP funding, but it also blocked Department of Justice grants to state and local law enforcement that adopt sanctuary policies or refuse to communicate with federal immigration agents. The Hunter bill blocks SCAAP funding, but leaves other law enforcement grants to the discretion of the Attorney General.

It is unconscionable that the House would respond to the tragic murder of Kate Steinle by moving legislation that is weaker than the language it adopted less than two months ago to defund sanctuary jurisdictions! Congress needs to act now to stop sanctuary policies, but it needs to address ALL sanctuary policies, including those enacted by the federal government. Releasing convicted criminal aliens into our communities is dangerous and wrong, regardless of which government entity is doing the releasing.

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House Leaders are scheduling a vote on a bill that would block certain funding for sanctuary jurisdictions. I agree that Congress should respond to the tragic murder of Kate Steinle by ending sanctuary policies! But H.R.3009, Rep. Duncan Hunter's sanctuary cities bill, is weaker than the King amendment the House approved to the CJS appropriations bill earlier this year.

I don't understand why the House would respond with a policy that's weaker than one already taken by this Congress. Furthermore, the Duncan bill fails to address the federal government's sanctuary policies which have resulted in the release of almost 70,000 criminal aliens over the last two years.

I urge you to end all sanctuary policies by insisting that, instead of H.R.3009, Congress pass legislation like the Gowdy bill (H.R.1148) that will end the practice of releasing convicted criminal aliens into our communities by all law enforcement agencies, including DHS.
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