School Safety Committee Info

Henderson County Sheriff Charles McDonald (far right)  seated next to AG Jeff Sessions, discussing school safety with President Trump in DC

Video here


Sheriff Charles McDonald on Shannon Breem 2/22:


Hendersonville Lightning:  Henderson County Sheriff McDonald joins Trump in White House school safety talk 

Rep Mark Meadows Introduces Two Bills To Keep Schools Safe.


When prevention  and intervention fail and confrontation with the shooter is the only option left ... 

Our schools are gun free zones, easy targets for crazed monsters to commit mayhem with impunity.  So, what do you do when intervention and prevention fail as they did again in Parkland Florida?  We have security at airports, court houses and legislative buildings.  Why are we not protecting our children??  Please watch the videos below and read the articles of proposals from law enforcement. 

Remember:  The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.  Then consider joining our School Safety Committee to lobby the School Board to make changes. 

School Safety Committee: Three goals


1)  Influence NC State legislature to take action to eliminate gun free zones and to provide incentives to train school personnel to repel an active shooter.


2)  Work with the community and local law enforcement to raise awareness of school safety issues in the classroom to affect meaningful changes


3) Provide incentives for teachers to get a Conceal Carry and further training 

Fruitful Seasons Pistol Packing gun shop in Hendersonville on Spartenburg Hwy is offering free conceal carry classes to teachers and coaches.  Please contact Debra Jackson (828) 290-3178.  See WLOS coverage.

Asheville Citizen Times Article  Gun shop offers free conceal carry for teachers and coaches.  Reporter Alexandria Bordas is also writing another follow up article.    

 Planned Activities

Trip to Raleigh Legislature planned to attend House Select Committee on School Safety to give public comment.  Time and date TBA

School Safety Education and Awareness Day, 1PM to 3PM on Saturday, April 7th, 2018 at Fruitful Seasons Pistol Packing in Hendersonville.  Sheriff Charles McDonald key note to update us on his meeting with President Trump and his meeting with other local and state agencies and sheriffs.  

Speaking at School Board Meetings.  Contact information here.  

Meeting with Sheriff Charles McDonald and law enforcement.   

Writing letters to the editor to raise awareness in the community.  Contacting media with information.

A School Safety Education Day at Fruitful Seasons Pistol Packing shop in Hendersonville .  Tentatively planned for Saturday, April 7th at 1PM.  Details on speakers TBA.   



Hawkins– Lessons from Santa Fe High: The Left’s Favorite Gun Controls Will Not Stop School Shooters

Washington Post: Across the country, school districts are quietly arming teachers for the next shooting

TownHall:    Here's a List of School Districts That Already Allow Teachers To Be Armed

The Morning Call 3/14/2019 Guns in school? Here's a list of states that allow armed teachers

Daily Signal:  I Go to a School Where an Attack Was Foiled. Here’s Why I’m Against Limiting Gun Rights.

The News and Observer:  NC school district wants to protect students.  They're asking for armed volunteers. 

Fox 21:  Colorado Students Hold Pro-Gun Rally To Counter Walkout Pushing For Stricter Gun Laws

N & O:  We Should Eliminate Gun Free Zones.  It Works

The Hill:  10 Questions About School Safety to consider. 

2/22/18 Hendersonville Lightning:  Henderson County Sheriff McDonald joins Trump in White House school safety talk

Henderson County Sheriff Charles McDonald on Shannon Breem Fox at Night 2/22:


Fox and Friends:  Video: Sheriff Richard Jones, Butler County, OH:  Offers free concealed carry for teachers.

Fox News: Video  Sheriff Grady Judd, Polk County, Fl:  ‘Game Changer’ If Some Teachers Trained to Carry Guns

The Ledger: Polk Sheriff Grady Judd to Fla. Legislature: Act now to prevent school shootings

NPR: Kentucky Weighs Proposal To Allow School Staff To Carry Guns

Fox 8: Alabama lawmaker proposes bill allowing teachers to carry guns at school 

Breitbart News:Former Air Marshal: Arming Pilots Post-9/11 Worked, So Will Arming Teachers

Raleigh News and Observer: North Carolina lawmaker suggests letting teachers have guns.  

             Rep Larry Pittman contact here. 

WLOS:  North Carolina House leader creating school safety panel.  

Blue Panel to look at school safety standards in North Carolina

                         Contact Speaker Tim Moore here. 

Carolina Journal: UNC campuses training to respond to mass shootings 

KXAN:  North Texas Schools have been arming teachers without incident.

The Blaze:  Over 98% of mass shootings occurred on gun-free zones, research shows

Foundation for Economic Education:  Four Reasons Why Congress Doesn't Act on Gun Violence

Laura Ingraham Interview 2/24/2018: Policy and Consequence – Broward County Sheriff Union President Notes “Promise Program” and Consequences…

 Red State:  While The Broward County Sheriff Berated Dana Loesch Last Night He Was Keeping This Terrible Secret From America

Breitbart:  Dr. Gina Loudon: Do You Trust Federal Bureaucrats to Decide if You’re Sane Enough to Keep Your Second Amendment Rights?

Conservative Review: Here's the latest dumb argument to ridicule defending schoolsIncludes the many schools across the country where this is working just fine.)

Crime Prevention Research:

Letters to NC Legislators and Contact info

Letter to Rep Larry Pittman

          Contact Rep Larry Pittman here.   Contact Rep Michael Speciale here. 

Letter to Rep John Faircloth and Senator Ronald Rabin 

        Contact Rep John Faircloth contact here.    Contact Senator Ron Rabin here

Members of the Joint Emergency Management Oversight Committee here.

          Contact Speaker Tim Moore here.