School Safety: Letter to Rep Larry Pittman 2/20/18

Rep. Larry Pittman

4:12 PM (20 hours ago)
to TammyMichaelme

Thank you for your support.  I agree that other measures are also needed.  Allowing well trained teachers to be armed is only a part of the solution; but it is one which must be given fair and serious consideration.  As you suggested, getting supporters of this idea organized to inundate the Legislature with letters, emails and phone calls, even personal contact where possible, to demand that this be done would be very helpful.  I hope that the police officer who spoke to Rep. Speciale and me about getting this sort of training for willing teachers will get to make a presentation to the next meeting of the Joint Emergency Management Oversight Committee, which I believe will be on March 15 in Raleigh.  To have as many supporters of such legislation as possible in attendance at that meeting would be an enormous help.  There should be some allowance for public comment, and I’m sure the other side will be well represented.  Our side needs to be, as well.  The chairs of the committee are Rep. John Faircloth and Sen. Ron Rabin.  Please be sure to let them know that you want this matter considered, and inquire as to when you and/or others could come and address the committee.  That would be a big help.  My main concern in all this is that the children and school personnel should be protected and given a fighting chance to survive such incidents, or better yet, that the knowledge that school personnel may be armed might prevent such incidents from occurring in the first place.


God bless,

Rep. Pittman


From: Jane Bilello []
Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 2:06 PM
To: Rep. Larry Pittman
Cc: Rep. Cody Henson
Subject: Thank you for speaking up ” allowing teachers to bring guns to school would save lives in situations such as the deadly school shooting in Florida.” How can we help you?


Dear Representative Pittman:


Thank you so much for being the adult in the room by speaking up to suggest arming teachers would save lives.  This is an idea that has been tried successfully in other parts of our nation.  Sheriffs are also beginning  to offer strategies to harden schools so they are not so vulnerable to these crazed maniacs.  Lawmakers like yourself are proposing legislation to promote school safety.


I am a retired teacher of 33 years.  I currently substitute in the high schools in Henderson County.  I do not feel safe in any of them, even with School Resource Officers in the building.  They cannot be everywhere.  There is little to no security.  I have to beg for a key to a classroom.


I am organizing a School Safety Committee in Henderson County for the purpose of bringing this issue to our School Board.  There must be a political will to bring about positive change locally and at the state level. I do believe this has to be a joint community and law enforcement effort.  I am also in touch with activists all over the state who can mobilize to write letters, to make phone calls and to make lots of noise.


I want to know what can we do to help you to get legislation passed?


Thank you so much for standing up for our children.  I look forward to hearing from you.



Jane Bilello

218 Vincent Place

Hendersonville, NC 28739

Home:  828 692 3117

Cell:  209 986 3845


CC: NC 113 House Rep. Cody Henson.