Senator Chuck Edwards Response To Repeal of HB2

From: BCGOP Communications []
Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2017 3:51 PM
To: Dorothea Alderfer
Subject: NCGOP Response to Bipartisan Repeal of HB2

Buncombe County Republican Party

Dorothea —

From NC Senator Chuck Edwards

There is much more to the repeal of HB2 than is seen on the surface. When you elected me it was because you trusted my moral character and intelligence to be able to look at many moving parts then help us achieve prosperity through conservative principals. I am confident through HB142 that I and the others that voted for it have done just that. This issue is complex and here are some of the headlines.

–        The bathrooms are in fact protected. It is ILLEGAL in NC for a man to go into a women’s bathrooms or locker room. There is no provision or exception to that for any gender or group.

–        I don’t really care what the NCAA, ACC, and NBA think. In fact, the General Assembly has filed complaints that they have severed their nonprofit status by taking a political position.

–        We had a small window of opportunity due to a tactical mistake made by Gov. Cooper to alienate him from LGBT and extremists that were keeping him well funded, so we seized the moment and did exactly that. They have since been protesting his mansion.

–        The 4th circuit court of appeals was scheduled to hear our HB2 case on May 10th. This is an Obama handpicked court that has ruled against conservatives on numerous occasions and we had reason to believe HB2 might be over ruled. Had that taken place we would have NO bathroom protection in place and municipalities could pass whatever bathroom policy they wanted. This risk was too high and HB142 plainly states that they and others cannot implement such policy.

–        Some that have no clear vision for the next steps would say that the repeal was only kicking the can down the road. I have a clear vision for the next steps and the confidence to get it done.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, but the message below was issued by our state chairman.

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