Senator Thom Tillis Letter on Obamacare Repeal/Replace 2/23/217

Dear Ms. Bilello:

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns about S. 222 the Obamacare Replacement Act. I appreciate hearing from you.

Obamacare has been devastating for many Americans, resulting in the loss of plans and higher premiums. The mandates and coercive penalties on health insurance have also placed costly burdens on families and businesses. Additionally, the recent trend of insurers dropping out of Obamacare exchanges throughout the nation gives me serious doubts regarding the long-term viability of the program. With these issues in mind, I support a full repeal and replacement of this flawed law.  I have cosponsored several Senate bills that would repeal the entire law or particular sections of it.

Equally imperative is the necessity for Congress to craft and implement a viable replacement for Obamacare. I look forward to working with the new Administration to create and implement a new, smarter, open, health care system. I do not wish to return to the status quo that existed before Obamacare was implemented. Instead, I strongly support the enactment of organic, customized insurance products that will make buying health insurance more like buying a car or even car insurance. Insurers should have to work hard and compete to get your business, and you should be able to decide on the coverage and costs that work for your family. Congress’ ability to work together on this vital issue in the coming weeks and months is critical, and we must wisely use this tremendous opportunity to fix the current flaws of our health care system.

On January 11, 2017, the Senate passed S.Con.Res. 3, the budget resolution for fiscal year 2017. This resolution will put in place the tools necessary to repeal Obamacare as we move forward to replace this flawed system with one that will ensure Americans have access to affordable coverage. Obamacare was not fully implemented overnight, and the repeal will be no different. This will be a multistep process to ensure that all relevant stakeholders have time to prepare products they can offer to provide coverage under the new plan.

As you know, on January 24, 2017 Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced S. 222 as a potential replacement plan for Obamacare. This plan is one of many being considered and debated between Congress and the Administration. We must learn from the mistakes of Obamacare’s hurried partisan passage, and I will continue to work with my colleagues, including Democrats, on solutions to improve our health care system.

Again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with my office about Obamacare. Please do not hesitate to get back in touch with me if there are other issues of importance to you.


Thom Tillis
U.S. Senator