Sentinel Call Notes 9/28/2021

Sentinel Call Notes 9/28/2021

Sentinel Summit is fast approaching and you won’t want to miss it! It’s an event with more than just big-name speakers (though we will have plenty of those!), it’s even more importantly going to provide critical training for Sentinels to equip each of you for the battles ahead. Our favorite part about Sentinel Summit, though, is the encouragement we draw from one another, and getting to meet fellow conservative warriors in the trenches.

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This week Matt Dickerson, Director of the Grover M. Hermann Center for the Federal Budget at The Heritage Foundation joined us, along with Ryan Walker, Heritage Action’s Director of Government Relations, to give Sentinels the latest update on the Democrats’ attempts to corral the needed votes to pass $5 trillion in spending with two complimentary bills. Listen to the recording here.

Possible Vote Thursday

Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer continue to work to bring together a coalition of the necessary votes to pass a total of $5 trillion in spending. The $1+ trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, and the $3.5+ trillion reconciliation bill are tied together and a vote for one is a vote for both. However, they continue to struggle to whip the needed votes to pass both bills. Speaker Pelosi plans to hold a vote on Thursday in the House on the bipartisan infrastructure bill, however, that may not happen due to continued infighting.

Heritage Action has put together a full list of the provisions in the reconciliation bill. It includes a laundry list of Left-wing agenda items including:

  • Providing amnesty for 8 million individuals. The fact that Democrats are even considering overruling the parliamentarian (who has said reconciliation cannot be used for amnesty) should be noted to the American people.
  • Funding abortion on demand. It mandates that Obamacare plans cover abortion and transportation for abortions in 2024, overriding laws in 11 of the 12 states who did not expand Medicaid and banned Obamacare exchanges from covering abortion.
  • Expanding government-run healthcare. It would expand Obamacare, expand Medicare (a program that is quickly running out of money), and would threaten access to life-saving drugs.
  • Raising energy prices. At a time when energy prices have risen 25% for the average consumer over the last year, it would add a natural gas tax that could actually increase emissions while making it more costly for American households to keep the lights on.
  • Giving blue states a bail out. Lifting the State and Local Tax (SALT) deduction cap would reward higher income taxpayers living in high-tax states — who are overwhelmingly blue — while incentivizing those states to spend and tax more. It would mean giving the top one percent a tax cut of $33,100, while the middle 60 percent would get a tax cut of just $27 annually.
  • Subsidizing green energy and Left-wing groups. It provides credits for electric vehicles, as well as including “green” provisions, such as the Civilian Climate Corps, that would benefit groups like the Sierra Club and woke corporations.
  • Increasing taxes for businesses large and small, and would create an army of IRS tax enforcers to harass the American people.

This bill would fundamentally remake American society to benefit government bureaucrats, Left-wing interest groups, and coastal elites while taxing and controlling hard-working American families.

A vote for the bipartisan deal is a vote to unlock $3.5 trillion in reconciliation spending. Republicans should be reminded that the bipartisan infrastructure deal is not as innocuous as it might seem. Their united opposition would seriously threaten both pieces of legislation. Heritage Action key voted against the bipartisan infrastructure bill in the Senate and will key vote against it in the House.

Key things to remember about the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill:
It has passed the Senate and the House is planning a vote on it next.
It contains over $1 trillion in spending.
It will increase the national debt by over $250 billion.
Only 10% of this so-called “infrastructure” bill is for roads and bridges.
Progressives have been threatening to vote against this bill unless they can also get a vote on the $3.5+ trillion reconciliation bill.
If Republicans in the House vote for this bill, it will be making Pelosi’s job easier, and helping the Left implement their agenda. Democrats are in disarray—we don’t need to help them out.

>> Take Action: Call your representative, and urge them to oppose the $1+ trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. It is bad policy and bad process, as it is a prerequisite to passing the rest of the Left’s agenda through a further $3.5+ trillion Democrat-only reconciliation package.

Janae Stracke
Grassroots Director
Heritage Action