Sentinel Weekly Call Notes



This week, the House is voting on Nancy Pelosi’s socialist drug pricing scheme. The so-called “Lower Drug Costs Now Act” (H.R. 3) would institute not one, but two different government price controls over our pharmaceutical industry.

Right now, the United States leads the world in pharmaceutical innovation, but Nancy Pelosi wants to change that. H.R. 3 would put us on par with European countries with price control schemes, who already lag behind the U.S. by 40% in research and development.

2019-12-05 reps.png

As if that wasn’t enough, according to the Council of Economic Advisors, H.R. 3 would have devastating, long-term impacts on our pharmaceutical industry, resulting in:

  • 100 fewer life-saving drugs for Americans
  • A four month reduction to the average American’s life expectancy
  • Longer wait time for treatments

> > > Call your congressman today! Say “NO” to Soviet-era price controls! This is urgent! Pelosi wants to sneakily hold a vote on H.R. 3 while everyone is distracted by the impeachment inquiry.

Please call your House member and ask them to oppose H.R. 3–we can’t let Nancy Pelosi socialize our pharmaceutical industry. After you call, tweet at your member to double your impact.

Thank you for your commitment to conservatism!

Janae Stracke
Grassroots Director
Heritage Action