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Heritage Action Sentinel Call Notes Monday, May 20, 2019



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In April, House Democrats failed to pass a budget and set spending levels for our government. Now, Democrats and Republicans in Congress are engaged in backroom negotiations to fund the federal government for FY2020 (which begins on October 1, 2019).

Backroom deals are bad for Americans. A few powerful leaders from each party meeting in secret is a recipe for further reckless spending. Backroom deals keep most of America’s elected representatives on the outside, where they can’t give input or fight for their constituents.

Congress has a longstanding budget process that they should follow. Sadly, Congress also has a recent history of ignoring that process, blowing through spending caps, and worse, ignoring the national debt. It’s time for Congress to return to regular order, follow the proper process, and cut wasteful spending.

To help you better understand Congress’ budget and appropriations process, we’ve put together a short guide, that can be downloaded or viewed online. It’s a quick read, and outlines how things should be done and where Congress often goes wrong.

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Congress is steering our country down a path of reckless spending. This must stop! We must rein in spending and work towards establishing a balanced budget.

Heritage Action is committed to working with Congress to achieve these goals and hope you will join the fight

Jessica Anderson
Vice President
Heritage Action