Support the 210th National Guard Unit


 Support the 210th National Guard Unit

 Henderson, Transylvania, Sylva, & Murphy

 Now through August, 2018 

Donations also welcome for shipping costs! 

Sponsored by WNC Vet Council



Items Needed
  • 30 SPF Sunscreen
  • Deet Bug Spray or Wipes
  • Coffee (Dark Roast)
  • Axe body wash
  • Gillett/Schick disposable razors & cartridges:  Men and Women
  • Antiperspirant:  Men and Women
  • Laundry detergent sheets                     DROP OFF LOCATIONS
  • Protein Bars                                   -------------------------------------------------------
  • Peanuts                                         * Henderson County GOP Headquarters 
  • Trail Mix                                          120 Four Season's Shopping Center, HVL 
  • Sunflower Seeds                             (behind Applebee's) Hours: Mon: 1-4, Tues: 1-5, 
  • Salty Snacks                                   Wed: 1-4, Thurs: 1-5.Other times by appointment
  • Jolly Ranchers                                 (Merry:  828 06 6182)
  • Life Savers                                     * Fruitful Seasons Pistol Packing
  • Peppermints                                    1927 Spartanburg Hwy #20, HVL
  • Other hard candy                             Hours: M-F: 10- 5. Sat; 10-4. Sun: Closed
  • Flip Flops                                       * Military History Museum  21 E. Main Street,                                                                        Brevard, NC 28712. Phone: 828 884 2141 

                                     * Tea Time 6PM (Jane 828 692 3117

                                                               IHOP, 221 Airport Rd., Arden (first 3 Thurs/mo),

                                                                    Mills River Restaurant, 4467 Boylston Hwy,                                                                                         Mills River (last Thurs/mo)

Contact:  Briana Ford 828 227 3074 or, Lyn Lazar 864 630 5544 or                     Jane Bilello 828 692 3117



The 210th will be stationed at Gitmo until September.  


ATP hopes you can join us in showing your support. 


There are three ways you can help. 

  1. Donate the items listed in the flyer at one of the locations or, be a collection point for friends and neighbors.
  2. Help with shipping costs by donating $$.  (It's expensive to ship. Any $$ left over will be put toward the next shipment.) 
  3. Make a commitment to faithfully write a monthly letter to a soldier, regardless of whether you get one back or not.  If you are interested, please  forward your name, email and phone number to  864 630 5544.  Or come to Tea Time to sign up.  Lyn will take care of connecting you to your soldier.  
There will be four collections:  February, March, May and July.