Supreme Court Justice Bob Edmunds for June 7th Primary. Link to early voting polling places


Don't Forget!June 7th is North Carolina Primary Day.  

Thursday, May 26 - Early voting period begins for June Primary. 
Find your early voting location...
 Vote for  NC Supreme Court Justice Robert Edmundson June 7th if you want to assure that our Constitution is respected and upheld.  

We must get him elected or WE WILL LOSE CONTROL of the NC Supreme Court.  If you don’t want men in the bathroom with your daughters, wives, mothers, or girlfriends, and you don’t want the repeal of our recent wins on our 2A firearms laws, or Voter ID for starters, you MUST vote in the June 7th primary.  Early voting begins May 26.  See here for early voting polling places.
NC COURT ASSOCIATE JUSTICE ROBERT EDMUNDS  is the LONE REPUBLICAN on the June 7th primary ballot and MUST BE ONE OF THE TOP 2 VOTE GETTERS in order to run in the general election this fall. 
If he doesn’t make it in this primary, WE LOSE CONTROL of the NC Supreme Court. 
ATPAC is supporting this effort with a gun raffle.  Please help us with this election ofNC Justice Robert Edmunds and constitutional judges in the election in November.)  

VOTE: May__  - June 7th, 2016.  Early voting begins Thursday, May 26th. Find yourearly voting polling place

 We also need YOU to also make phone calls to your neighbors, friends, relatives, etc.  This is too important to think some one else will do it.  Leave messages on their answering machines.  Use the following points:  

The Four Liberal Judges on the ballot for NC Supreme Court Will vote to Amend our Constitution “From the Bench”.

  • the ONLY Conservative JUDGE Candidate 
  • that believes in the Original Intent of the Constitution 
  • And would vote to protect our rights as originally written in the CONSTITUTION. 
  • He is our NC version of Judge Antonin Scalia - If we lose Judge Edmonds - theCourt “becomes liberal”
  • There will be no ‘R’ or ‘D’ after any names - you must take his name with you so that you choosethe CONSERVATIVE for JUDGE.
  • He will appear on the Ballot with FOUR Liberals - we Must VOTE correctly or we lose the whole court
  • If we lose - then Liberal Judges will take control of the NC Supreme Court and all legislation passed in NC will be subjected to “Legislation from the Bench” of liberal Judges.
As we all know the importance of the Judge Scalia replacement at the federal level - we must become educated onthe RISK at the NC Supreme Court  if we do not come out to VOTE for Judge Robert Edmonds in the upcoming election.
Judge Robert Edmonds is just as important  for the North Carolina Supreme Court Election this Summer.... as  filling the seat of the late US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.
How did this happen In NC?  See here
 Understand the dire consequences... If we lost Justice Bob Edmunds, we lose the conservative court.  Please ome out to vote FOR Judge Robert Edmonds. Please note there will be no ‘R’ or ‘D’ after any names - you must take his name with you so that you choose the CONSERVATIVE for JUDGE.
 Your Vote is vital. No one is thinking about a June 7th primary.  Alert your friends and neighbors. PLEASE vote in the June 7th primary for NCSupreme Court Justice Robert Edmunds  

 Sample ballot for Buncombe here.  In some districts,  there are June 7th Primary congressional races. (NC11 does not have GOP congressional race, but NC10 and others do.)  

 What are the dates I need to know for the 2016 Elections?
Important election dates to save and share for the June Primary:
Monday, April 18 - Absentee voting by mail begins for June Primary. 
Download an absentee ballot...
Friday, May 13 - Voter registration regular deadline for June Primary. Check your registration...
Thursday, May 26 - Early voting period begins for June Primary. 
Find your early voting location...

Saturday, June 4 - Early voting period ends at 1 PM 
for June Primary.
Tuesday, June 7 - Deadline for absentee ballot request to be received.
Tuesday, June 7 - 2016 Statewide June Primary Election Day. 
Polls are open 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM; 
deadline for receipt of absentee ballot (or if clearly postmarked that day).  
Check out your primary ballot and districts...
Tuesday, June 14 - Final vote count (Canvass Day), includes all valid provisional and absentee ballots.
Please make phone calls to your friends, neighbors and relatives and anyone else in NC you know.  The following are points to stress regarding the reelection of NC Supreme Court Justice Robert Edmunds
   JUNE 7TH is also Congressional primary day in some districts like NC10!  Vote!
Scroll down the page here to see if  your district is involved in a primary.  (NC 11, Mark Meadows (R) has no primary challenger. There is a Democrat primary.