Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage. Congressional Statements. Pass First Amendment Defense Act

Judge Dismisses Lawsuits Against Kim Davis Over Marriage Licenses

Ryan Anderson:  What is marriage?  Be armed with the facts.   Must read and see.

Congressional Statements – SSM

Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage

The Supreme Court has decided that a top-down federal mandate that redefines marriage for all 50 states is constitutional in a 5-4 ruling.  The 4 dissents are worth reading to provide context to the work we have to do to eventually reverse this disappointing decision.


Heritage Action’s Legislative Response – First Amendment Defense Act


Congress needs to move quickly to protect the religious liberty of all Americans.  To that end Heritage has key-voted in favor of the First Amendment Defense Act.


The First Amendment Defense Act (H.R. 2802), introduced by Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID), would prevent the federal government from discriminating against any individual or group, whether nonprofit or for-profit, based on their beliefs that marriage is the union of a man and woman or that sexual relations are reserved for marriage. That protection would extend to tax policy, employment, licensing, accreditation, contracting and grants.


The Action Alert on this item is that we would like every defender of religious liberty in Congress to immediately co-sponsor this bill, and for you the Sentinel to engage your members of Congress to encourage them to do so.


Member of Congress Responses to the SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling


Many members of Congress have provided detailed push-back on today’s ruling.  Below are links to each member’s statement that we currently have.  If your member is not on this list please encourage them to provide a formal public statement.  If your member is on this list, or if they have made a public statement in support of traditional marriage and expressed dissatisfaction with the ruling, please let them know that you appreciate their speaking out.  The second Action Alert we have is a request of you to please thank these members on Facebook, Twitter, and through emails.


House Leadership

Speaker Boehner

Whip Scalise 


VAT House Leadership

Chairman Joe Pitts

Chairman John Fleming

Chairwoman Vicky Hartzler


VAT Senate Leadership

Sen. Blunt–“I’m disappointed in this decision.  My view is that family issues in Missouri like marriage, divorce, and adoption should be decided by the people of Missouri.”

Sen. Scott–“I continue to believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. The Supreme Court’s overreach into decisions that should be made by states and the people living and voting in them is disappointing. Moving forward, we must ensure families and religious institutions across America are not punished for exercising their right to their own personal beliefs regarding the traditional definition of marriage.”

Sen. Ernst–“I am disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision and its failure to recognize the freedom of our states to make their own decisions about their respective marriage laws.  While it is my personal belief that marriage is between one man and one woman, I maintain that this is an issue best handled at the state level.”

Sen Lankford


Republican Study Chairman Flores


House Members

Rep. Aderholt

Rep. Babin

Rep. Barr

Rep. Black

Rep. Blackburn

Rep. Bost

Rep. Boustany

Rep. Brady (TX-08)

Rep. Byrne

Rep. Carter

Rep. Coffman

Rep. Culberson

Rep. Forbes

Rep. Fortenberry

Rep. Foxx

Rep. Gohmert

Rep. Goodlatte

Rep. Griffith

Rep. Grothman

Rep. Hensarling

Rep. Huelskamp

Rep. Johnson (OH-6)

Rep. Jordan

Rep. Kelly

Rep. King (IA-04)

Rep. Lamborn

Rep. Long

Rep. Marchant

Rep. Mullin

Rep. Olsen

Rep. Palazzo

Rep. Palmer

Rep. Price

Rep. Ratcliffe

Rep. Smith (TX-21)

Rep. Smith (MO-08)

Rep. Stewart

Rep. Tiberi

Rep. Walberg

Rep. Walker

Rep. Weber

Rep. Westmoreland

Rep. Williams

Rep. Womack

Rep. Woodall

Rep. Yoho



Sen. Hatch

Sen. Rubio

Sen. Coats

Sen. Wicker

Sen. Daines

Sen. Fischer

Sen. Sasse

Sen. Heller

Sen. Ayotte

Sen. Inhofe

Sen. Hatch

Sen. Lee

Sen. Capito


Presidential Candidates














Alliance Defending Freedom


Family Research Council

Concerned Women for America

Liberty Counsel

Focus on the Family