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March 7, 2017  Hey Asheville TEA!

1. Patience Gone, Conservative Groups Will Pressure GOP on Health Repealvia The New York Times

FreedomWorks, which is planning a rally in Washington on March 15 to inaugurate its “month of action” on the Affordable Care Act, is sending its activists to Capitol Hill armed with sheafs of paper with quotes from Republicans who have called for repeal. The plan is to track down those Republicans and make them face their own words.“I think that the only way we get members of Congress to stay the course on this is with constituent pressure,” said Noah Wall, the national director of campaigns for FreedomWorks. If that does not work at first, he added, “I’m going to fill their offices with really angry constituents, and they’re going to listen.

“And if they don’t,” he continued, “I’m going to go back into their district and fill their district offices with angry constituents. And we’ll do this again and again.” Read more here…

2. Conservative Groups and Lawmakers Demanding ‘Full Repeal’ Could Dereail ObamaCare Rollbackvia Washington Post

An array of conservative lawmakers, organizations and activists are demanding a swifter and more aggressive remake of the Affordable Care Act than many Republicans are comfortable with, raising questions about whether President Trump and the GOP are headed toward gridlock as they try to fulfill their promise to repeal the health-care law.Three conservative senators known for bucking GOP leadership during Barack Obama’s presidency — Ted Cruz (Tex.), Rand Paul (Ky.) and Mike Lee (Utah) — are raising the possibility of doing the same under Trump.

And outside Congress, three prominent groups — Freedom­Works, Americans for Prosperity and Heritage Action for America — plan to increase pressure on lawmakers to repeal the law fully or risk retribution from the conservative grass roots. Read more here…

3. Clarence Thomas Condemns Civil Asset Forfeiture, Points to ‘Egregious and Well-Chronicled Abuses’via Reason

Today the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a case filed by a Texas woman who says that her due process rights were violated when the police seized over $200,000 in cash from her family despite the fact that no one has been convicted of any underlying crime associated with the money. Unfortunately, thanks to the state’s sweeping civil asset forfeiture laws, the authorities were permitted to take the money of this innocent woman.The Supreme Court offered no explanation today for its refusal to hear the case of Lisa Olivia Leonard v. Texas. But one member of the Court did speak up. In a statement respecting the denial of certiorari in the case, Justice Clarence Thomas made it clear that he believes the current state of civil asset forfeiture law is fundamentally unconstitutional.Read more here…

4. White House Proposes 24% Budget Cut for Environmental Protection Agencyvia Competitive Enterprise Institute

It was reported last week that the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) had sent its initial budget numbers to the Environmental Protection Agency for the agency to review. For fiscal year 2018, proposes a 24% cut in the EPA’s $8.14 billion budget and a 20% reduction in its workforce or approximately 3,000 full-time employees.OMB gave the EPA a long list of programs, including all climate-related programs, that could be eliminated entirely. The EPA was given until Friday to object to specific proposed cuts and propose alternatives. Read more here…

5. An Opportunity with Betsy DeVosvia Brett Heinisch

The U.S. Senate has confirmed Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. Despite opposition from teachers’ unions, DeVos was able to get the nomination with a confirmation vote from Vice President Mike Pence. There have been many arguments for and against her candidacy for the nomination, but now she is US Secretary of Education. With her nomination, there are various positives to look forward to that could be of great benefit to education reform. The most prominent one being: increasing school choice.Secretary DeVos has been a longtime advocate for education reform. One of her major areas of support is the school voucher program which would allow students to go to the schools of their choosing, including private, religious, and public. Allowing for greater implementation of this program would make it easier for students to get out of failing schools and towards schools that cater more to the students’ needs.

Without a doubt, there is need for reform in the education system. According to the Program for International Student Assessment, when collecting test results from 65 countries, the US was ranked by 27th in math, 20th in science, and 17th in reading. However, this is not tied to lack of funding as school spending has consistently increased since the 60s. If we are to improve school systems, we must change the system in which students are learning. For this reason, school choice may finally be the answer we need. Read more here…
Jason Pye
Director of Public Policy, FreedomWorks