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Call/email President Trump and tell him to veto the Farm Bill.  Send a message to K Street special interests by doing so.  See here for contact infor for President Trump, the #SwampRats who sold us out and who stood with #WeThe People and see, for message and reasons to veto this horrid bill. 


On Tuesday, the bloated Farm Bill conference report passed in the Senate 87-13 and on Wednesday it has passed in the House. This is a bad bill that completely ignores opportunities to advance conservative principles that would have had lasting beneficial impacts on all Americans. This bill:

  • Lacks work requirements for able-bodied adults that are on the SNAP program.
  • Lacks opportunities to reduce farm subsidies.
  • Lacks Senator Grassley’s “active engagement” amendment to curtail subsidy abuse.
  • Lacks a provision to repeal Obama’s EPA WOTUS rule.

We thank those who fought for reforms to the SNAP and farm subsidy programs and made a principled vote AGAINST this Farm Bill.

13 Senators and 47 Congressman did the right thing and voted “No.” You can see the exact member by member breakdown on our scorecard. Click here for senators and here for congressmen.

If your congressman or either of your senators voted against the farm bill, I’d ask that you take a quick moment today and call their office to thank them for it! Or retweet the two thank you graphics we put out on Twitter here and here.

Thank you,

Jessica Anderson
Vice President
Heritage Action

We are down to the last two weeks to get what President Trump needs to #BuildTheWall and to veto the horrid Farm Bill.   
WE NEED YOU TO CALL, TWEET DC to Fund Every Dollar to #BuildTheWallNow.     
Richard Doster submitted this. Consider this as your message. 
Voters elected President Trump in part on his promise to "BUILD THE WALL" and Immigration Reform. I hope you are doing everything in your power to support our President and insure that the wall funding is secured for the entire wall. I will be watching your vote. Actions speak louder than words and I assure you that voters will be watching what you do in the next few weeks and will vote accordingly when you are up for re-election. I look forward to your support of the Wall and Immigration Reform. 
Scalise and McCarthy want to blame the Dimm Wits if Trump doesn't get all of the Wall funding.  The RINOs are the only ones to blame.  We gave them the House, Senate, and the Presidency  They squandered the opportunity.   The House members, especially NC10 Patrick McHenry who is part of the Swampn needs to hear from you.  (We all know Mark Meadows and the Freedom Caucus want full funding and will. However, call Mark's office anyway to offer support.   
Contact President Trump and tell him to veto appropriations bill if it does not fully fund the Wall.  Shut down the government if need be.   Veto the Farm Bill that leaves off work requirements will be left off and, worse, expands agriculture subsidies. Call/Email contact info here. 
Swamp Lame Duck Session and Last Chance to Get 'Er Done: Senate needs to confirm judges and the House needs to fund the Wall!   Please make sure you make the call.  
 Tweet to them too.  See here for more details from Heritage Action for America Weekly Call Notes


Senator Thom Tillis R-NC  @SenThomTillis (202) 224 6342
Senator Richard Burr R-NC  @SenatorBurr (202) 224 3154
Rep Rep Patrick McHenry R-NC10 @PatrickMcHenry  (202) 225-2576
Rep Mark Meadows R-NC11  @RepMarkMeadows (202)  225 6401 
See here for all US Senators
See here for all US House Reps

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