What Conservatives Need To Know Week of Feb 4, 2019

From Heritage Foundation:  Here is what conservatives need to know this week.

 President Trump will deliver his State of the Union address Tuesday. We break down what he is likely to talk about. Nearby in Virginia, Gov. Ralph Northam is facing calls to step down-including from Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James. 

Also, in anticipation of Congress' taking up Trump's proposed trade agreement with the United States, Mexico, and Canada, Heritage has released a full assessment. 

Plus, for the second year in a row, Heritage has been named the most impactful think tank in the world. Take notes, we have your conservative policy solutions right here.-Michelle Cordero
State of the Union 2019: Trump economy is a success story.
President Trump will deliver his second State of the Union address Tuesday at 9 p.m. "You can count on him to take the opportunity to celebrate one of his greatest achievements: the economy," writes Genevieve Wood, a senior adviser and spokesperson at Heritage. "It is booming by nearly every meaningful measure, and the president has every right to take a large measure of credit for it." Heritage President Kay Coles James says that you can also count on Trump to talk about immigration and border security. "To grease the skids, he might even suggest ways of funding the wall without adding a penny to the federal budget." Keep reading James' commentary and watch her short video.

This week on the "Heritage Explains" podcast, Ambassador Terry Miller, director of Heritage's Center for International Trade and Economics, explains what economic freedom is and why it withered under President Obama and was revived by President Trump. Listen to the podcast.

Virginia's governor should step down and let the healing begin. 

As a young girl growing up in Virginia, Heritage President Kay Coles James experienced racism firsthand. "I know what it looks like and how it feels," she writes for The Daily Signal. "I've also spent a good part of my life defending the rights of preborn children to live and love among us. It's my personal mission to fight for and defend the value and dignity of human life. Most Virginians share these beliefs. They are repelled by racism, repulsed by the thought of infanticide. This is why Gov. Ralph Northam must resign." Read more to find out why Northam should set aside his personal ambition, step down, and let the healing begin.
An analysis of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. 
The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement is awaiting action from Congress, but there's still some important work for lawmakers to do, according to a new comprehensive assessment from The Heritage Foundation. "The USMCA affirms America's commitment to the innovations and modernizations that make businesses competitive, create jobs, and offer more consumer choice. America should be the leader in preserving North America's place as a top region for trade," said Heritage's James Carafano and Jack Spencer. Read more from Heritage policy experts Tori Whiting and Gabriella Beaumont-Smith about where the agreement hits the mark and where it falls short.
Heritage is the most impactful think tank in the world. 
The Heritage Foundation is;again;ranked as the No. 1 think tank across the globe when it comes to impact on public policy, according to the latest edition of the University of Pennsylvania's annual think tank index. Heritage also ranked first in the "Best Use of the Internet" category. "Before coming aboard last year as president of The Heritage Foundation, I already knew this organization had been a heart- and mind-winner for a generation. So, it is gratifying to have that truth confirmed," says Heritage President Kay Coles James. Learn more about the "Global Go To Think Tank Index and Heritage's impact.